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Highpointe Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I have to say first that the "Staff" Rating does not apply to the head manager Liz, but is a result of numerous interactions, and speaking with other residents about the behavior of the assistant manager, Brit. Her behavior is simply unacceptable and I am unsure how she has continued to be employed at the complex for so long. She is sweet as sugar when you are signing a lease but the second that transaction is over she is rude, abrasive, dismissive and really doesn't care about the residents or her job. A normal interaction is you will enter the office, where if Liz is there she will great you with a warm, genuine smile and always be ready and willing to help. Brit on the other hand can't be bothered to step away from her desk where she is checking Facebook, or texting on her phone. She oozes through her body language, tone and words that she is annoyed by your presence rather than even give the slightest notion that she is on the clock, and you as a resident are paying her to work! If Liz isn't in the office in fact, I don't even bother requesting anything from her as it will either go ignored or you will encounter some commentary with your request. I had a issue with an appliance that resulted in some serious water damage, in trying to relay that it was serious after her lack of concern "well the maintenance has had to fix like 20 air conditioners all day so they are crazy busy" she concluded that "well it must have been bad for awhile" this presumption that it was my fault for not reporting it sooner was less than helpful and just plain rude. Incidentally, she did not resolve this issue and I had to resort to waiting until Liz came back to get the job done. For an individual that works in the service industry, and in a role that enables her flexibility to work with her dog foundation (which is a great cause but I am not paying rent for this work) including allowing her to transport and store dog food in the garages. Which is funny because for a dog lover you would think they would care about the dog park amenity, which I have been told is getting fixed by my friends that still live there but up until recently it could hardly be called a "park" and presented numerous hazards including giant holes. Bottom Line, if you need anything and decide to live her go through Liz exclusively.
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Highpointe Apartments

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