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The View Apartments

301 West Charleston

Lincoln, NE 68528



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Office Staff
freakingfrustrated • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/11/2015
***BEWARE OF ALL OF THESE FAKE REVIEWS!!! People can actually get paid to do these, and if you look on more review sites, there are some of the exact same cheesy fake reviews across multiple sites!! The View knows how horrible they are so they keep writing fake reviews and it's terribly obvious.*** First off, DO NOT LIVE HERE. Unless you want a dirty apartment that is falling apart with horribly matched roommates, go for it. Maintenance sucks and doesn't do a whole lot about any complaints or issues you may have. I came into a 3 bed 3 bath complex with a roommate I chose, and we were told that the third room would be empty from May-August and then we'd be matched with another roommate come August first. Well come moving day we walked in to a surprise -- a roommate that also had her boyfriend living with her. We were NOT told about this and were lied to about our living situation. She even stole some of our belongings and tried breaking into our rooms! We went to the office nearly every day for weeks at a time to make our point across and FINALLY they talked to her (via a letter) and it did absolutely nothing. She continued to be rude to us and try taking our things and it got to the point where we didn't even feel comfortable in our own home. But of course, the View could've cared less. We also had issues with one of the rooms smelling AWFUL and we had no idea why! It smelled so bad that it seeped into our clothes and furniture and would not go away. Also, when we first came in the apartment was FILTHY. It took my roommate and I, plus our parents and siblings about 4 straight days of coming in and cleaning it down to the bone. After all of our hard work, it was better, but nothing great. You can hear your neighbors perfectly, and at least in my building, we dealt with puke, trash, dead birds, etc. in the hallways leading to our apartment. We also got multiple letters threatening us for cigarette butts being near our balcony, but none of us even smoke. It was a terrible place to live and I cannot WAIT until I get out of here this month.
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The View Apartments

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