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The View Apartments

301 West Charleston

Lincoln, NE 68528



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/22/2015
I don't know about the fake reviews, but I'd say my experience at the View has been less than adequate. The staff is very friendly and appear to be helpful, but the poor quality of the apartments leaves them with few options to actually do anything. Several times when I've called, they seem like they don't know how to answer my questions or who to contact to get the answers--and the manager/supervisor is almost always "out". The View seems more concerned with getting new residents in than taking care of the ones who live here. They have spent the last four months (of my 12 month lease) posting signs everywhere about apartment vacancies, and telling us that maintenance, the Internet providers, painters, etc. would be entering our apartment to fix things, regardless of the inconvenience. They are also terrible about communication of important things. We know all about the pool parties and nothing about the construction of the entire parking lot. Not super helpful. Not to mention, although they hire a security team for overnight shifts, when we have called security for legitimate fights of groups of 10-20 people in the parking lot, security shows up and just hangs out with the other residents. Also, what the other reviews say about amenities is correct: The shuttle breaks down frequently (or doesn't run on time...not that its schedule is that great anyway), the printer rarely works, and the show room leaves a bit to be desired. When we moved in, we were told that the apartments had just been cleaned (which is why they don't let you move in until the end of August), but our apartment was disgusting. There are stains all over the carpet, the walls had messy paint jobs (and whoever painted got paint in all of the ethernet hook-ups so we only have ONE that actually connects to the internet, which is also terrible), the counters and furniture were dusty, and the windows were spotty. Maintenance does an okay job of fixing things...things that are able to be fixed, that is. They've claimed to unclog drains and fix our washer/dryer several times with no visible results. Also, the quality of the apartments themselves are just poor. None of our windows seal properly, which means higher electric bills and BUGS everywhere. We are on the third floor, and two days ago we found a FROG in our apartment. We've also had cockroaches, bees, spiders, gnats, and there have been dead birds on our balcony. In my opinion, the rent may seem cheap compared to on-campus apartment style dorms, but these apartments & the complex are worth far, far less. You'd do better to spend the same amount of money somewhere where it counts.
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The View Apartments

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