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The View Apartments

301 West Charleston

Lincoln, NE 68528



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/10/2018
DO NOT LIVE HERE. Originally I didn't think it was too bad for what I was paying, but they got new ownership in November 2017 and have made my life a living hell since then. They do not care about this being student housing whatsoever. This past semester they have decided to do renovations while I'm still living in the apartment (which also most likely means the prices will go up). I asked them if they could hold off, since 1. I'm officially moving out after July, 2. I'm going to be traveling all of July anyway, so I won't even be at the apartment, and 3. They're supposed to have a week between one resident moving out and the next moving for cleaning and maintenance. They denied my request, even though they told me that renovations didn't need to be done until July 31st. These forced renovations have included tearing out my appliances and not replacing them for over a week (it left a gaping hole with exposed wires above my stove and my dishwasher was pulled out and left in the middle of the kitchen...during finals week nonetheless), resurfacing both of the showers in my apartment (which took both showers out of commission, again during finals week), and redoing all of the flooring (and making me move all my furniture). The maintenance staff just barges in with little notice, and one day even left my front door unlocked after they had been in there. The property managers (especially Angie) are incredibly rude and unhelpful and they do not communicate with their staff so all of my questions have been answered incorrectly or not at all. They also do not communicate well with residents and will not hesitate to screw you over. If I could give this place a rating of 0 stars I would, just because the management is that horrible. While some of the amenities sound nice, they are rarely working. The gym often has broken down equipment, the computers don't work very well, and I constantly receive texts saying the shuttle is down, yet the view offers no help to students who are stranded on campus. The walls are thin, so you can hear everything your neighbors are doing, and the property constantly reeks of marijuana. I've had nights where there are drunk people pounding on my door and screaming (sometimes who I assume are other residents and sometimes homeless people that like to find shelter in the hallways here). I also have an empty room in my unit, and the View has sent me 3 different emails claiming that a new roommate is moving in (sometimes in as little as 4 days), yet none of them have ever showed up and the office has never contacted me or let me know. They haven't even been able to give me an answer when I specifically call and ask. This also isn't student housing at all, there are 30-something couples with multiple children that live here. Overall, the management makes this an absolutely TERRIBLE place to live. They are some of the most unintelligent people I have ever had to work with. I would not recommend living at the View to anyone (even one of the maintenance people that was working in my apartment said "I would NEVER live here in a million years"). They do not respect their residents, plain and simple, and they're garbage apartment complex isn't even worth the comparatively low cost of rent.
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The View Apartments

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