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muthatrucka001 • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/23/2006
This letter had been sent to the Vice President of NP Dodge. It has been over 6 months, and I still have not received a response.<br><br>To whom it may concern,<br><br><br> Let me first start by saying that our stay at Country Club Village was quite a bit less than enjoyable. We rented for about 4 months until we had unexpectedly been forced to move out. <br> When my fianc!nd I had first looked at these apartments, we were told that we would get a two bedroom ,1 bath, cathedral ceilings, with new cabinets and counter tops. Needless to say, after we had signed the lease and asked them if this was the same apartment that we had previously talked about, we ended up with a two bedroom, two bath, new cabinets and counter tops, but no cathedral ceilings. We were, however, offered a different apartment with cathedral ceilings, but it did not have the new cabinets and counter tops. We were happy that they had tried to correct this problem, but decided to stay with the two bed/bath and new fixtures. Also, we were told that the built in shelves in the living room could be taken out or put back in. My fianc!nd I liked this idea, so we asked them if they could put them back in. Their response was that they don t put the shelves back in once they have been taken out. We were disappointed again, but we thought that we could still make it a home for us and our child.<br> During the first part of our stay, some more problems started to occur. We had a few maintenance calls and were happy that they were answered in a timely manner, however, there were other problems. About three weeks after we had moved in, one of our cars had been broken into resulting in a missing CD player and a cell phone. Then, shortly after that, we had found a significant amount of burnt debris (starting on the third floor leading down the stairs) in the hallway with a disgusting odor. This had not been completely cleaned up and there were smears of ash on the walls still in the hallway. We had later found a burnt mattress out by the trash bin. I hope you can understand our concern for the safety of our (at the time) six month old child.<br> Also, we had started noticing that a lot of Country Club s rules were not being enforced. The neighbors below us used their balcony as a storage facility. The neighbors connecting our bedroom walls (in the other part of the building, third floor) were using a charcoal grill on their balcony. Last but not least, the neighbors in our same part of our building (on the third floor) would use the hallway as a shoe closet. We realize that there are a lot of units in this community, but if they are going to send out the fliers with the rules, they should probably enforce them.<br> About two months after we had moved in we had already encountered quite a few different pests including spiders, silverfish, bats, bat bugs, a couple cockroaches, and other unknown bugs. We had first complained about cockroaches and bats, but when Orkin came out to spray, he said that there didn t seem to be signs of an infestation of cockroaches and we heard nothing about the bats. We asked him about a couple bugs we were unsure of. He told us to catch them, put them in a Ziploc bag, and leave them at the rental office. Over the next month or so, I did just that, collected all the bugs that we were not sure about and again complained about the bats. I did not hear back from the rental office for a couple of weeks and decided to call up there myself. When I asked them about the bugs, their response was that Orkin didn t know what the bugs were but that they would have to fog our apartment. We understood and thought that this would resolve the problem not knowing that they were bat bugs. Also, their response about the bat problem was, Are you sure that they are bats? After fogging the apartment, the bugs disappeared for about a week, but then we were seeing them come back. I decided to do a little research myself and narrowed it down to two bugs, a bat bug or a bed bug. The results were not pleasing and I couldn t understand how Orkin wouldn t know what they were. Then a few days later, management asks us in for a meeting about the bugs. We were not prepared for what was about to happen. We thought that they would tell us that there are bats and the only way to get rid of the bat bugs would be to get rid of the bats. This was not so. They finally believed us about the bats, but then told us that we would have to move out because the bats were protected by some environmental law due to their mating habits. <br> When they told us that we had to move out, they didn t mean in week or two. They meant that evening. They said that we could stay at a hotel for one week only which meant to us that we would be homeless if we didn t find a place as soon as possible. I mentioned that we did not have the funds to move on such short notice, and they offered to give us our deposit back, refund the last months rent, and hire Two Men and a Truck. We were happy that they were trying help but we were still very upset with a lot of unexpected work to be done.<br> Over the next week at the hotel, management at CCV had faxed us over a list of apartments to look at. Other than that, communication was almost non-existent. They couldn t give us a definite time(s) when we would be able to pack, or how many times that they were going to fog the apartment. After finding a place three days later and letting them know when we could move in, nobody could tell us how we were going to be moved. They waited until the day before we needed to move to finally tell us that Two Men and a Truck would be there at 3:30 p.m., Thursday. It goes without saying that we did not feel very secure during the entire move. The only place that made us feel comfortable was Pacific Gardens, the place we were moving into. <br> Just a few other instances when living at CCV became very irritable. Every time somebody went in and out of the entrance to the building, the door would slam shut. This was very loud even on the third floor. The fact that maintenance felt that they could turn off the water without giving some form of notice. Its kind of hard to feed a screaming baby when you don t have any water to mix with formula, let alone taking a shower. The fact that you never knew when Orkin or maintenance were going to come over other than sometime after you had put in a request. Next, about twice a week there would be a solicitor knocking at the door trying to sell you something useless. The front hallway and stairwell always had a disgusting odor and looked like they are never cleaned properly. Also, when you would call the rental office you would almost always get their voicemail. This of course happened during regular business hours. If you were to leave a message, you might hear back from them in a day or two.<br> My fianc!nd I are not normally complainers , but this is ridiculous. Having to move not even 4 months after signing a 1 year lease is completely outrageous. With the way that our lives had been treated, we would never recommend this establishment to anyone. We hope that you can use this letter to improve your community.<br>
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