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Evergreen Terrace



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PINEMEADOWSiztrash • Resident 1993 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2005
Wow, this really is dumpy from when we first moved in back around 1987. It was definitely time to go. Back in the day, this place was very well upkept, clean, sanitary, great location. All until the past few years. Let me tell you the story and it will make you ponder on your lovely decision to move here. Around 1998 or so is when all of the problems started. Providence Management Company had purchased the property. It was still well kept at the time, even though the property was a very ugly brown peeling color. Great people still lived here. Things were prospering, until approximately 2001. Then, there was nacho cheese all over the walls, spit on the hallway carpets. We decided to transfer apartments so we could have a newer apartment. THE CARPET WAS 15 YEARS OLD. THE APPLIANCES HAD 1990 MARKS, MAKING THEM OVER 11 YEARS OLD. They had a 'you breathe', you're welcome in application policy. The police were here nightly from days, catching a drug deal. The neighbors across my hallway WERE DOING DRUGS RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR DOOR. It was very horrible. So, in July of 2004, Goldmark decides to buy this place. They try and make the hallways a little nicer, by replacing the laundry rooms and putting newer carpet. After meeting the new company, we had learned they are now taking SECTION 8. Section 8 defintely downgrades the apartment community. Then, you see these troublemakers standing by cars, waiting for no one to look so you can break them down. June 2005, someone crapped in the pool, then someones diaper was in it. The bathrooms were locked, and the pool was closed. You have to give 60 days notice to move! So, we did, and the office manager didn't even know my son. He walked in September 1st to give her the keys, and she said "What do you want!?!" Is that some kind of service or what?! What if I was looking for a place to live. But no...she just sits there making personal phone calls all day. For living there 17 years, we should get some respect paying $695 a month rent for something Joe Bob down the hall is getting $45 dollars a month on SECTION 8. Don't go here, if you have any questions about moving here, PLEASE email me at [email protected] I will be happy to answer your questions.<br><br>P.S. There are some DARK areas to park. Mailboxes are outside, in the middle of the complex. Some suspicious people DO DRIVE around here at night to spy who comes in and out. Kids play in the hallways. If you get mold, prepare for maintenance to come in. PLEASE PLEAASE PLEASE contact me before looking, I have more tips to tell you before you go. There are cigarette butt holders in every building (a plus) although some people put wrappers in them, which start a fire, which cause them to melt!
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Evergreen Terrace

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