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Fredericksburg Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2001
I lived at Fredricksburg for a year and a half. The apartments themselves are pretty decent. They are older, though, and you see that after you´ve lived in them a while. There is a small compact washer and dryer, which are hidden in a closet, which are great. Hot water runs out a lot, you can´t take two showers in a row. Yes, they have Pella windows, but we´ve had three different ones get stuck. When we couldn´t get them open, we had to have management come up and shut them. However, they didn´t fix the problem, they just got it shut. Move-in was decent enough. You have to carry everything up two flights of stairs, but the stairs are extremely wide, so the stairs were the only problem. <br> The management is what made us move out. They were pretty bad. After living there for four or five months, I called down to verify that no one could have any animals (because I was interested in getting a cat). That same day, I went home to realize they were in my apartment, without my consent. When I confronted them, they denied it (of course), but I knew that had due to some pretty obvious reasons. When they´ve needed to come up to our apartment for misc. things that need to be done to every apartment, we have tried to get them to come in when we would be home. We told them once that we would be home after 2pm, and not to come until then, but they came in around 11am. <br> The management is also not too good about the parking lot and sidewalks. We had many people who lived there with wheelchairs, but would never be able to get to their cars, because the snow was too deep. The parking lot is always extremely slippery, especially when you have slippery shoes on. Sometimes there aren´t any parking spots close to your apartment, so you have to end up walking thirty feet on the slippery parking lot (Don´t bother to ever walk across the grass either, because they will come out and yell at you). The stairs to get up to your apartment are outside, and they have never put sand down on them (you just have to make sure you hold on with your dear life until you get to your floor). After Christmas, there was a trail of Christmas Tree needles all over the cement. They were on the sidewalk, stairs, you name it, they were there. So, every time you walked into your apartment, you would get needles on your carpet. Myself and one other person ended up sweeping them into one pile. <br> You are required to let the office know if any light bulbs burn out by your apartment. The only problem with that, is they are always burnt out. Two or three in the same area will burn out at the same time, and chances are, it will happen on a Friday, so then there is no light what-so-ever until Monday afternoon. <br> Last, but certainly not least, is trying to get ahold of the apartment management. They come in late in the morning, take two hour lunches, and leave early every day. They hours are supposed to be 9am-5pm, but they are usually there from 9:30am-3:30pm. That makes it very difficult to go pay rent, or pick up packages, because you cannot get in when they are gone. Once in a while, they will leave the office open while they are at lunch, but then all the packages are out in the open. I walked in to get mine once, and there were probably twenty packages sitting on the table, for anyone to take. <br> When we first moved into Fredricksburg, they told us that solicitors were not allowed on the property, and if you ever saw any, to let them know and they would immediately tell them to leave. I have probably had ten solicitors at our door, and when I call, the management acts like they have no idea why I am calling. It wouldn´t usually bother me, but anyone can come to your door, because there is no controlled security. The doors lead right to the outside. <br> I guess my overall point is that they are good apartments, if you don´t care for good management. I, however, need good management to live somewhere.
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Fredericksburg Apartments

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