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Grandridge Apartments

5439 N 100th Plaza

Omaha, NE 68134



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2001
In my year of living in the Laurelwood Community (most of which I spent counting the days of my lease to expire)I´ve endured almost nothing but problems. My only praise will be to the actual maintenence men themselves. They are kind, understanding, prompt and more than capable in handling the duties they are call for. If Laurelwood is a choice.. expect getting to know the maintenece team, only under very irritating circumstances. <br> The management of Laurelwood should only pride themselves in the help they have hired to fix the many inconvenient problems that all of the apartments ancient appliances seem to give to tennents. As for the professionalism of the management and office staff, a rate the number one on my complaint list. I sure hope on the job applications they did not list dealing well with people as one of their special talants. They are often rude and obviously lost in what their responsibilites require. <br> The laundry facilites are usable. Kept somewhat clean, and usually always working. Just watch your toes for the puddles of water that seem to find their way out of the machine and on to the floor. <br> The only complaint about the electrical outlets is the fact that neither bedroom has a light on the ceiling. They do however have an outlet available for a lamp but do plan on getting used to replugging it in. It doesn´t seem to hold the plug very well. <br> The parking lot... there´s a story for you. Most parking around here is that scary movie glow from a light either very high or very far away. Warning.. walk with your keys between your fingers incase and unseen visitor pops out of the bushes. <br> I think I´ve spent a little too much time talking about the bad points of this apartment community. Lets move on to the good... Oops. Goodbye and good apartment hunting. =)
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Grandridge Apartments

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