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N P Dodge

8701 W Dodge Rd # 300, Omaha, NE 68114
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$898 - $1,070/mo



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Resident 2021 - 2022


Not too bad, some room for improvement and upgrades

Lots to say. The apartment is OK, everything is solid and when I have needed repairs they were done. EIther it got fixed or replaced, this is appreciated. They keep the grounds looking well landscaped and picked up, which is nice and it is unfortuante so many tenants are such slobs they throw their trash out everywhere. In fact they throw lots of things everywhere, the dumpsters are often overflowing from dumping and its really gross. NP dodge should be enforcing what people are and are not allowed to dispose of here because I have seen quite a bit and it is unsanitary. They have security driving through most nights and thats appreciated as well. If they could continue to remodel and upgrade that would be great. If you want good tenants you arent going to keep them if you dont do these things. I often feel that some of the people meandering around are not desirable. The halls and most of the balconys need to be remodeled. The laundery room is disgusting and the washers and dryers barely work. The front office manger is a nice woman, most of the office is friendly. There is always that one who… See More>
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    Resident 2019 - 2021


    30 Metro has an Awesome maintenance man who goes above and beyond and always has a smile on his face and friendly!Since having our new Property Manager Portia 30 Metro has most definitely improved in every aspect and I'm very satisfied and happy with where my home is!!

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      Resident 2018 - 2021


      Do not rent ftrom this company. You will lose your security deposit and they charge you for additional fees. On move out, I was presented with a letter to pay for damages they assessed. The apt was pristine. Never rent here.

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        Resident 2020


        I am very annoyed with management here. We got told if my three year old autistic son cannot be quiet DURING THE DAY within 14 days they were going to evict us. But when people have their TV blaring so loud it keeps my poor son up all night and they're yelling and screaming and slamming things around past midnight we get told that our neighbors are going to make " normal noises" and that we just have to deal with it. blaring your TV so loud you're keeping the tenants in other apartments awake past midnight slamming things around and yelling and screaming past midnight is not normal noises but my son can't throw a temper tantrum during the day. Furthermore other tenants who have children let their children scream all day typically past 11pm my son goes to bed at between 8:30 and 9:30 every night and doesn't make a peep unless somebody else wakes him up being loud or he has a nightmare. My son should not be cranky all day because he's not getting any sleep at night. We have resorting to calling the sheriff to handle things that management should handle like telling people that… See More>
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          Resident 2018 - 2019


          The rent amount where I live is reasonable, but whats not reasonable is that I and everyone else who lives in the complex have to pay multiple Fees on top of Rent. There's RUBS, The fee to use the RUBS calculations, and Renters Insurance that does not cover our belongings but the building if It floods, Fire, ect. So, all together, if your on a budget, this company is not right for you to rent from. You are guaranteed to pay an extra on Top of the listed Rent amount. Plus, they add fees during your lease agreement and not tell you about it. They also don't hire great roofers either. The most recent roofing job done by White Castle roofing broke my (was) neighbor's satellite DISH and never reimbursed her for the damages. White Castle roofing also left a lot of nails scattered in the parking lot causing a lot of my neighbors tires to go flat and they received no reimbursement for that either. Cars were towed from the lot at one point cause the NP Dodge staff did not give parking stickers to the new tenants. NP Dodge refused to pay for the towing fee's. So please,… See More>
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            Resident 2015 - 2019


            NP Dodge property managers are terrible and ineffective. They have recently taken over our property (Apartments) and since they have taken over, it has only gotten progressively worse. Maintenance enters Apartments without clear and proper notice, they fail to properly maintain the apartments which as an example has led to mold in the bathrooms. They fail to give proper notice about lot repairs and then tow residents cars and then try to blame it on the resident. They refuse to send any notices of upcoming repairs or requirements via email and only will notify residents by scotch taping a notice on outside doors which is so obviously easy to blow away. They fail to take any responsibility and then anger quickly when offered suggestions on improving communication. I am warning anyone that reads this to STAY AWAY FROM NP DODGE AND ANY OF THEIR PROPERTIES OR HOMES!

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              Linda Sue Jasa

              Resident 2018


              If you are a white American you have no rights. If you are "African/American or a legal immigrant," NP DODGE bends over backwards to accommodate you. Reverse racism is apparently NP Dodges moto! Accosted twice, I am disabled, by two black tenants in 12 months! NP Dodge afraid of lawsuit by a minority is the LEAST they need worries! Discrimination & abuse of a disabled, 9 year resident, just may wake up this disgusting company! And of course this site won't allow a past pic of the crap NPD allows tenants to put on other tenants! Disgraceful & shows total discrimination AGAINST WHITE, DISABLED TENANTS!

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                Resident 2011 - 2012


                worst customer service

                I am sure every company has their own set of policy and guideline by which they must comply. But the employees are such so unmotivated, they aren't there to help you, they are their to sit on their asses and just pass their time. Not flexible at all. They dont care about customer loyalty. They dont care how long you have lived their. They try to make it harder for you. I mean who does that? First and foremost they are customer service representatives. In a sense we can blame the company for not choosing their employees properly. And secondly they arent training them well enough. They dont even greet you when you go pay your rent. and for some reason they are all women. There was one guy who was super nice and pleasent to talk to but all these women(married women) trying to be hard on you. I dont get it.. I am getting the hell out of this place.. never recomending these guys to anybody. Infact, I am gonna make sure others dont choose NPdodge... I have filed complaints but on response, they dont care..

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                  Resident 2007


                  N P Dodge Writing their own Reviews

                  As a former resident who got on well enough with the property management team for the complex I lived in for three years, I know that the staff reads this and has written their own positive reviews to boost the percentage. Something to keep in mind.

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                    Resident 2007


                    The Ralston ------ (Country Club Village)

                    I have lived at several apartments though Omaha, NE but this by far has to be the closest to the "------" feel that I have ever had. 3-5 year old kids running around un supervised. Trashy cars that never move out of the parking spots and the weekley fight of the kicks that think they're "hard knocks." Now here's the full recap of the last several nightmares. Management: There is a new person in the office every week. I don't know if NP Dodge just cycles everyone through that office as a test to see if they can hack and then move them on to a REAL property or if no one can hack it? It's really up in the air with that. No one there really knows what's going on. The best day of management, had to be the day we went to pay rent and I had to break up a fight between one of the 13 year office girl and her 35 year old boyfriend. Maintenance: Our heat has gone out several time throughout the winter where it got as cold as 50 degrees in our apartment and it took 3 days to fix the problem. The hot water is a… See More>
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                      Resident 2005 - 2006


                      The Best Management Team and Apartments Around

                      I have lived at many communities and NP Dodge is by far the best managment company around. The office staff are friendly and very helpful and the maintenance staff are very efficient. I have many friends in different NP Dodge communities and they seem to love their staff as well. Other apartment communities in omaha should learn from NP Dodge. They really know how to treat people! Way to go NP Dodge...you will have me as a tenant for a real long time!

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                        Resident 2001 - 2003


                        WORST PLACE EVER!!!

                        This is THE worst company to rent from in the whole world!!! They don´t have the specific name of the complex that I lived at but it was WASHINGTON HEIGHTS (A.K.A Shitsville). Want to know the best part about living at WASHINGTON HEIGHTS???? I´ll tell you the best part.. It´s living there for two years and then one month before moving out, you realize that if you live on the third floor, you´re paying to heat and cool THEIR HALLWAYS!!! yep, I found an air vent attached to OUR apartment!!! Our electric bill in July and August of 2002 was over $300!!! The place is dilapidated, water pressure is non existent in the bathroom faucet, maintenance sucks a fat one, leasing agent?? Management?? what´s that?? People can´t park their damn cars correctly, apartments catch on fire from bad wiring!!! yes, it really happened!!! Light-bulbs burn out every 3 to 4 months, if you´re lucky (guess who flips the bill on that one). Don´t even get me started on the bug problem!!! Over all, if I owned that apartment complex, I would kick my own ---!!! ------- ---------!!! ------- long.. and ------- hard!!!

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                          Asked on: 02/15/2023
                          Q: Does np dodge accept section 8
                          Asked on: 03/19/2018
                          Q: What is security like?

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                          1 Bed, 1 Bath
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                          N P Dodge

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                          N P Dodge is an apartment in Omaha in zip code 68114. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,070. Nearby cities include Ralston, LaVista, La Vista, Papillion, and Bellevue.

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