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107th and Old Maple Road, Omaha, NE 68134
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Resident 2005 - 2020


I don't recommend. This place is severely saturated w/tobacco users.. Someone is smoking something that smells really bad. Had complained to mgmt. They didn't do anything. I can't take this place no more! You're better off living in a pop-up tent out in the harsh elements than this place!

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    Resident 2019


    I've being living is these apartments for years, and with the new management I expect to stay for long time. New management really take very good care of us seniors, the staff is nice and we always have a prompt maintenance response. Definitely I recommend this community. I love it !!

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      prospectiveVisited 2018


      My mother has resided here and what the other commented posted is 100% true. She is a drunk with a hot temper. She makes peoples lives hell when they don't do exactly what she wants. She makes threats and demands that are not only ridiculous but highly illegal. She pretends to care and be supportive to her you moved in but it's literally all about image and money to her. She is quick to threaten eviction, demand money, make harassing phone calls, and make demands that no tenant is required by law to follow. She uses her position of power over her tenants to confuse, upset, and scare her tenants into submission for another months rent. She doesn't care about anyone who lives there, doesn't care about the quality of the tenants living conditions until it reflects poorly on her. I've never known someone quite so vindictive. If you are thinking of living here or having your parents live here PLEASE STEAR CLEAR! It is not worth her promises and her phony fake personality. And trust me, if you do anything wrong, the entire complex will know all of your business. Stay away & save yourself the turmoil.

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        Resident 2005 - 2014


        Northridge ran by a mentally ill drug and alcohol abuser named Peggy is a unlicensed old folks home and tax payer subsidized micro small apt torture chamber. If you are not over 65 and living alone, or you have a elderly parent or relative, do not live in this complex. The adolescent minded owner/manager Peggy thrives on being able to abuse, lie to, and control all residents to her twisted personal tastes, illegal or ill moral or not. There are no features to Northridge other than a overly used laundry room. Always pay your rent or rent portion by check or any other means other than cash that she can lie about especially for taxes. Maintenance is a joke at best and always handled by herself or people that she cahoots with personally. It is the worst. There are very little advantages or security features to live at Northridge, and is very deceiving just like Peggy the manager. Most residents were not professionals or success in life before 'retiring' there, and is like a where the socitial rejects go and try and live out their psychotic days under the control of a control freak loser,… See More>
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          Resident 2014


          Unfortunately I did not know about these reviews. And just moved in her a few months ago . And all the reviews I just read are true. They are very prejudice here and yes Peggy is a witch and a drunk and substance abuser. However I'm the person she doesn't want to ---- with I've got a year lease here then I'm out of this hell hole.But until then I wish she would try to ---- with me like she does other's here I promise I will catch a case. And yes these old ------- gossip and try to keep ---- going here but I'm not having it. My personal business is my own and no one else's not even the drunken landlord. So until my lease is up they all better back the hell up and leave me alone. Cause I go to work and home I don't speak to no one here I'm a very quiet and private person and I don't like mess or messy people. And that's all that lives here is old ------- that don't have a life they need to fine god or else there gonna burn in hell . And as far as… See More>
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            Resident 2008 - 2014


            My reviews is factual and honest. The manager Peggy is a drug abusing alcoholic who even used to work at her daughters bar (as close to the alcohol as possible). This is a public renting complex but is run by her as a literal personal backyard and her only source of income. She will abuse and harass the elderly and has a distinctive hate for anything not to her small, personal preference. Especially small pets. She used to advertise 50 and older but only will specifically rent to friends and the elderly she can abuse and control. She has been reported and on the ---- list of all of the local Federally funded housing offices, as well as Fair Housing and 2 others. Remember the outcast mentally challenged girl you used to know in High School? That is the Peggy who was literally given the complex when her parents retired and moved out of state as far away from her as possible. There is no decent maintenance, and the complex has no amenities at all, just small small laundry. It is in very simple factual terms is a living place for the outcast and afraid,… See More>
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              Resident 2014


              I have lived here for 3 years and very thankfully, I am moving out. ----- thinks she owns it, but it's really her daddy! She runs it like a prison! Different rules apply to different people. She treats most people with such disrespect! She told one renter that if they ever did it again she would KILL THEM! Threatened to bring the police so she could show my apartment, when I had not even turned in a 30 day notice yet! I could go on and on...Drains in the bathroom constantly clog up, and it takes forever to get anything fixed...and when she finally fixes it she is not pleasant to deal with. Puts in the cheapest of everything! OH, and it is built so cheap that the heating and a/c bills are an outrageous 100-120 a month for 450 sq. ft,!!!This place is full of grouchy snitches with nothing better to do than gossip and start trouble for you...so if you plan on moving here...be prepared to be miserable! I wouldn't let my dog live here!! But neither will she anymore...because she just changed her rules and won't allow them and is kicking me out because of my 3… See More>
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                Resident 2012 - 2013


                ONLY thing good about this place is it looks OK from the street. Management is the worst. Stay away for yourself, or if you are renting for a older loved one, get them in a actual retirement community. If you are over 50 but not yet 70, do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this looney bin as possible. The owner/manager is whacko.

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                  Resident 2009 - 2012


                  Looks can be deceiving

                  Kind of a dumping ground for old people who think and act old that were never anything in life to begin with. That Peggy witch will get them in and abuse them to death. Very small 1 bedroom apartments with no privacy and loads of gossip. If your in the position to move to a retirement community, that would be a better option. If you are over 50 but not yet 60, stay away unless you like lies, pain, gossip, and being abused and lied to by a substance abusive manager.

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                    Resident 2008 - 2012


                    Freaks run by a Freak

                    No maintenance person. The old bi-polar alcoholic that thinks she owns it and every single person there personally, hires the homeless, bums, and her own daughter or relatives (who she pays 3 times what she does when "hiring" a basic maintenance guy). Neighbors all stay away and talk about the owner. She will get you to help or talk nice to you sometimes when the public is around or she wants help, and backstab you and openly blab personal information about you the next day. Remember what it was like being in junior high/middle school? That is what the owner is like and made this horrible place what it is. If you get suckered into living there on the owner's personal recruiting because she knows you or similar, sign your personal life away. No one is immune to her harassment and abuse; not even the toaddie handicapped spy she keeps there on purpose.

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                      Resident 2006 - 2010


                      Nut House

                      Entire complex and management hides under the guise of "50 and over" community to avoid retirement home, medical licensing, and rezoning. Management targets physically and mentally ill elderly females for renters. If you are anything else this IS NOT the complex for you. Living is cramped, full of gossip, fights, arguments, petty micro-management, and a adolescent social mentality. Management and traditional/historic residents very prejudicial against healthy males, the sane, and under 60 (not 50) residents or prospects. The entire indoor/outdoor environment is not healthy. No amenities what-so-ever: pool, clubhouse, etc. Complex is all electricity and very expensive for utility costs. One central washer-dryer mini-facility dominated by Jehovah Witness reading materials. Maintenance is bare minimal by elderly females with issues. Female management very abusive and will embarrass and scream at residents in good standing publically. Can't be stated enough- this environment is not for the healthy, sane, active, or under 60.

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                        Asked on: 03/19/2018
                        Q: Are there surveillance cameras on site?

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                        Dogs Allowed
                        Rent: Required
                        Weight Limit: 25lbs
                        Cats Allowed
                        Rent: Required
                        1 Bed, 1 Bath

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                        Northridge is an apartment in Omaha in zip code 68134. This community has a 1 Bed, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $736. Nearby cities include Ralston, LaVista, La Vista, Papillion, and Bellevue.

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