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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/18/2005
I have lived here for over 6 years now ( not by choice ) At the moment I can not afford another place. I have seen the management change and the company that owns it change. Before it was a lot better before it ever became Goldmark owned. Now The time it takes to get something fixed in the apartment / townhome could take anywhere from that day to next year! I have been waiting for them to fix my front door for 3 years not and the plumbing. . . don't get me started I have never had this much trouble with plumbing in my life and I used to live on 30th Park Ave! The oriental ladies that work in the office now are a bumch of Liers! I had been parkin gin the "Shared driveway" the drive way between me and my neigbors. The people that used to live next door to me got mad b/c we barked there and they were to fat to walk around my car. . . So one of the oriental chicks came down and told me it was on the lease that we could not park there, when i asked to see the lease she refused. I went up there on a day they were not workin gand asked to see my lease and NO WHERE does it say I can not park there. As well as they lied to me about telling the maintance guy about my townhouse that had no hot water for 3 days It took them that long to get me hot water! So like I said if you are will king to spend the money to fix the apt/TH yourself move in and make sure you send a copy of your fix it reciptes with your monthly rent check! And the parking! Well if you get a TH make sure you have 1 to 2 cars , one for the garage and one for the driveway other wise you will either have a high risk of getting hit by the people who rip through the complex or haveing your car towed b/c your neighbor doesn't like your park job. . . if you have to park in the street make sure and keep a shovel close by for those winter months b/c the snow shovels will burie your car, as far as living in a TH in the winter make sure you have an SUV otherwise you will NEVER make it up that hill to get out of the complex!
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