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Office Staff
Resident 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2001
I´ve lived here for about a year and a half.. and have just moved into someplace new. A couple of things to be for-warned about before moving into Steeplechase: <br> <br>1) The very "Secure" Gate that you pay for every month is very RARELY closed, and even if it is.. you can bump it with your car, and it opens right up. It´s pretty.. but not effective if you´re looking for security. On the positive side though.. each apartment DOES have it´s own alarm system. <br> <br>2) They will tell you that the pool is open 24 hours a day, year round. It´s not open 24 hours a day.. that´s illegal in Nebraska. By state law they have to close it at 10:00pm. Also.. although they keep water in the pool year round, you can not swim in it unless your a member of the polar bear club. The water in the winter time is about 50 degrees, if that. If you like to swim year round.. either plan on joining a gym, or get an apartment with an indoor pool. <br> <br>3) The noise level between apartments is bad. The walls are very thin (you can easily hear the phone ringing in the apartment next door) and the insullation between floors is NON EXISTANT. Our upstairs neighbor had a dog.. and we could hear him running constantly all day and night. It´s very annoying at 3am on a Tuesday, believe me. <br> <br>4) Our rent was hiked from $780 (for a 2 bedroom) to $864 in one year. I think a $84 per month increase is a little rediculouse, don´t you? <br> <br>4) The WORST thing about this place is the parking. If you don´t plan on getting a garage, don´t move here. If you come home after 8:00pm during the week.. the odds are good that there will be NO spots available. And i´m not talking about no spots near your building.. i´m saying no spots available in the complex, at all. And parking in the local neighborhood and walking 6 blocks back to your place with 3 loads of grocieries really stinks! The complex has done NOTHING to eliviate this problem (like assigning parking spots or enforcing people with garages to use them for parking instead of storage). <br> <br>My recommendation: Move someplace else. For the attrocious prices they charge for rent, you can get something better. Like maybe a house? :)
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