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The Biltmore

11525 Decatur Plaza

Omaha, NE 68154



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The place is beautiful from the outside, then you get in and see all the little imperfections. Paint carelessly splashed around corners, fixtures pulling away from the walls, cracks in the ceiling, etc. I ignored these because I wanted to live close to work, I loved the high ceilings, amount of space and mirrored walls, and they really sell the gym on the tour (even though the pools and sauna are really the only good things there). When I moved in I had literally no neighbors, so I thought it would be quiet and decent. I had minor requests from maintenance that were taken care of in a timely manner.. Then a couple months passed.. Someone moved in below me. He wasn't loud by any means but I could hear entire conversations! The floors and walls are THAT thin! He even came to apologize because he could hear my every move/word as well! We agreed to let each other turn our music and tvs up loud to keep some sense of privacy. You have a wood burning fireplace, so if you use it your whole apartment and the hallway will smell like smoke. No I'm not an idiot and had the chimney closed, and when it rains water will absolutely get everywhere in front of the fireplace. I made sure to keep an eye on that to prevent any staining. There were a couple big storms, the first one was so bad that the ceiling above the washer/dryer cracked and started leaking water! I called the office immediately to report this because I didn't want to be held liable for damages or risk mold growing. I called so many times I can't even tell you and not once did someone reach back out to me or come to inspect this, even after multiple office visits to tell them. I made sure I mentioned this when I turned in my keys too. So any decent rainstorm meant water coming through the chimney and leaking from the ceiling. The carpets were WHITE, not beige or tan. Bright, show every speck of dirt white. So I noted EVERYTHING I saw when I moved in. Thank goodness I have OCD and clean all the time. Outlets are placed in weird areas and I could never find enough. Ovens are cheap, be careful you don't scratch them during normal cooking activities. The alarms don't actually work, you can set it if you want but it's really just a noisemaker to hopefully scare someone.. I never used mine, then the battery behind it went out and it beeped every. minute... You can't replace the battery, you have to call maintenance to do it for you. I called every single day for a month about this, the constant beeping noise was driving me crazy, I wanted to rip it off the wall but knew I'd get screwed out of my deposit. I think the battery just gave out because maintenance never showed. Speaking of security there were constant notices about "attempted break ins and carjackings in the area." I assumed that meant the area in general until I noticed the whole row of garages where mine was had their locks torn off or noticeably tampered with. You literally cannot hang anything, the drywall is awful and it tears from the wall with the lightest of pictures. That took $100 out of my deposit to fix a 1inch tear. The allow pets, I had a cat. But dog owners never clean up after their pets. I would cross through the grass to walk the trails and there would be poop EVERYWHERE! After my lease was up I moved out as soon as I could. I couldn't take the frustration and lack of maintenance for the $950 one bedroom I was paying for! What a waste. Until they renovate and make some serious changes I would suggest avoiding this place unless you happen to be a professional handyman.
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The Biltmore

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