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Thomasville by Broadmoor



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
please dont move here, esp if you are a respectable lady, single or not. there are a lot of drunks because of the onsite bar. they will harass you and they don't take a hint. it is no compliment, too, because they are not the pick of the litter by any means. they are really gross. they look really greasy and creepy.<br><br>i believe the people here do drugs as well. i saw many strangers filing in and out of my unit. many of them would have a cell phone or speak into the intercom and say stuff like, "is this the place?" they looked like drugs users- kind of slobby, clothing unkempt, messy hair, red eyes, shaking, unstable-looking. often there would be similarly unhealthy-looking people in a crappy car waiting for their drug go-getter.<br><br>if you do tour thomasville, take note of the vehicles. a lot of cars have popped tires and are actually abandoned there. its like a car junkyard. many of the residents have two or three lemons sitting on the way. they just sit there like eyesores. honestly, i dont know why they would even keep them, because there is no way on god's green earth you could get cars like that going. i know a lot about cars, so i know that they are pretty much worthless. actually, it wouldnt really take a great guess to figure it out. honestly, i have no idea why the management just continues to let them sit there. i wonder if they are abandoned altogether. probably their owners have long ago vacated the premises.<br><br>i felt very unsafe at thomasville. i would not recommend it. i was wowed by some of the amenities, but let that bar be a big warning sign for you. i wish i had paid more attention to it. <br><br>the noise is unbearable, too, from radios to drinking parties to people fighting. <br><br>one time i saw a woman, presumably drunk, run out of her car yelling. a man who was in the car next to her got out of the car and started to beat her with his fists. he then pushed her into the car. i saw this all from my window. i have also overheard a lot of violent-sounding fights from neighbors. at times, it was very distracting and rather scary.<br><br>i also wanted to mention that they have a big bug problem. one time, i went to the bathroom at night and saw this crawling on the mirror<br><br>http://entomology.unl.edu/images/centipedes/h let me explain this to you. it was so large, much larger than the picture. i would guess it was six inches long. i could not even squish it with a paper towel because i would even say it was bigger than my hand. i had to get a large jar to capture it. and even then it barely fit in. it got squished a little and it was really gross. i never saw a bug like that. which reminds me to tell you, these buildings are very old. im told they were built the mid part of the last century. and they are infested. this is not the only bug i have seen, but it was by far the grossest! talk about a case of the willies!<br><br>well, whatever you do, good luck in your search for a new apartment. i dont recommend this place. i have lived in several other places and i have to say, they have all been so much better. <br><br>thomasville staff proudly states on their answering machine that their apartment community was voted number one in Omaha, which I have a very hard time imagining. i would have to ask that there be a vote recount for that one. i just don't believe it. <br><br>oh, i also wanted to mention-- the hot tub. there is a hot tub, which looks awesome. but try sitting in it. they dont clean it at all. i sat in it and the next day i had to go to my doctor. i got two weird bulls-eye boils on my hip and legs. they were painful and swelling. my doctor told me they were a communicable skin disease people catch from unclean hot tubs, which are improperly chlorinated and not kept at a correct ph balance. i was so grossed out. consequently, i never used it again.
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Thomasville by Broadmoor

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