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Warren House Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This place is a complete nightmare. I've been living in this complex for three years now. 1: my food has been stolen off the grill, not once, not twice, but every time I've BBQ something ends up missing. 2: mgmt toed my car for backing up in a parking space. Had several stickers stuck to my windows treating towing. Then my cars been broken into twice. 3: maintance guys are scruffy looking, and drinking all the time. Their in the courtyard smoking, drinking and listing to rap music. No one calls them for anything. 4: in early Jan 2012 I was told that I had a $300 credit, I asked where it came from and she didn't know.. I gave her 90 days to figure it out, and she codent, so I used the credit...... the next day, yes the next day, I was contacted and told I owed them the money back and that it was a mistake. 5: office manager is a real -----. She is never in the office, in fact here's the warren house office schedule... Mon-fri 10-11am 2-4pm . And when she is in, its a party. Crummy looking dudes hanging out, stairing at you. It sucks. 6: they put notes on my door saying their instecting my apartment and then don't show up to do it. Then out of no where coming home the next week, I was almost scared to death to see my apartment door open, just before I call the cops the manger walks out. She told me she could enter my apt whenever she wanted. 7: electric heat and ac thin walls, one pain of glass for the windows, I have cracks in the walls so big you can see outside! The electric bill is insane! Sometimes over $100/mo !!! 8: I have a video on YouTube of the police threatening to kill a guy in the courtyard. The police are here all the time. While I'm the guy warrenhouse messes with, the nice guy with a job, trying to run me out! You may view an apartment here and shrug off my warning.... you'll be sorry, you'll be very sorry.
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Warren House Apartments

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