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Wentworth Usa Townhomes



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labs402 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/05/2005
Oh boy do I ever regret moving to this ---- hole. First they have roof that leak and it takes then 4 months to fix them and that is only after you contact the housing authorities. The toilets leak, the basement leaks when it rains. The managment is awful they are rude,uncaring, and they don't care about the tenants rights and feelings. What ever happened to customer service, I give these people 740.00 a month and they can't even be nice to you. They don't keep up on the grounds the property id always dirty - trash laying around-dirty diapers- cig. butts, etc. <br>They also came in my house to do a housekeeping inspection after they found a cat in my apt. That was an invasion of privacy- they serched the cabinets-dishwasher-fridge- stove and closets Come on I think that is a little extreme ! Not to mention they were rude and asked why my patio door was broken and tried to say it was new First of all we had to call them to come fix it when we moved in because it was broken to begin with. In my opion Wentworth is probably the worst place you can live.They also said that they would put a screen on our bedroom window because it didn't have one yeah that was 2 months ago !!
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Wentworth Usa Townhomes

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