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Willow Park South



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
Willow Park South is a below average place to live - we moved here on a whim because my boyfriend got a job here and we had to move within a month. Unfortunately, we only had one day to look at apartments in the Omaha area. We viewed this one and Briarwood across the street. However, if we had a couple more days to view apartments, I can assure you this would of been our last choices. The apartment we viewed at Briarwood smelt like stale smoke, so we went with this one at Willow Park South. We are in the older buildings at Willow Park South, so I can't say much about the ones that are a little bit newer than ours (not by much) but our experience with our apartment was HORRIBLE the first few months of moving in. From January until April, our apartment smelled 100% of cigarette smoke. Every time our heat kicked on, cigarette smoked filled our apartment. There's even a vent in the closet and we did everything we could to close it up and seal it, but smoke still seeped into our closet and bedroom (woke up many nights sick to our stomachs). We were so miserable, we were about to call it quits and move out, until finally our neighbors that smoked, moved out in April. Since then, it has been just alright. We still get our neighbors smells into our apartment, but luckily our neighbors behind us smoke outside on their balcony - hopefully we aren't miserable when the winter months roll in again at the end of this year. It's just an old building with lots of problems. With an old building, you get lots of bugs, spiders etc. coming into the crack, which can get pretty gross. Woke up with a centipede in our bathtub one morning. Ick. We have a plant window in our bedroom (don't ask, it's weird) and it picks up noise like no other when there is a gust of wind or even worse, when it rains. We ended up buying a fan to drown out the noise. The traffic noise from 96th Street bugged us for a little while since we are used to residential streets back where we come from, but eventually you get used to it. Another con about this place is the water temperature. Every time our neighbors flush their toilet or take a shower at the same time, the water goes from extremely cold to scolding hot - and it goes off and on like that until you get out since you're so fed up with it. I haven't had a shower here when that hasn't happened. We have a nice wood fireplace, which is nice in the winter. Nice huge walk-in closet which is another plus. Otherwise, the place is crowded and small. Small kitchen, small living room etc. But like I said, it's worked for us in the fact that we moved on such short notice. Staff are nice, but they don't seem to great about resolving issues. They did nothing to reimburse us for our cigarette smoke experience. We even complained within the first week of living there, and nothing happened. They had maintenance go up into the attic to make sure everything was sealed - they thought the smoke was going up into the attic and into our apartment. And they also made sure maintenance checked our gaps in our apartments (shower heads, under the sink etc), and maintenance sealed everything up, but the smoke smell was still horrible. Again, we lucked out when our neighbors moved out.. but I'm sure I would be giving a much worse review if they were still living there. It's been a below average experience for us - and we have been talking about moving out since day one. We are so excited to get out this dump when our year lease is up and move into somewhere more classier and a little more upscale and newer.
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Willow Park South

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