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The Arbors

1000 E 17th St

South Sioux City, NE 68776



Resident · 2013 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The biggest complaints are the noise and the management. We lived on the ground floor and it was easy to hear the people above walking around and people in the hallways. The water quality is so bad it put a permanent, opaque film on all of our dishes. We had to toss them all after moving out. Mangement said the same thing about the water quality as the windows not locking, & the oven light not working. They said it is too expensive to fix. The manager was rude. She always seemed bothered when asked to do her job and help the tenants. It took 2 months to hear from them after leaving and they never informed us of doing a walk-thru. They make you have the carpets professoinaly cleaned before you turn in the keys and then charge you twice as much to have them done again if they see fit. The biggest problem was the relationships between the managers and service providers such as the tow truck guy down the street. They allow him to come in any time he wants and tow people if he can't clearly see a parking permit. So he will be lerking around looking in car windows frequently. I'm not sure why they couldn't provide him with a list of cars that way he wouldn't be making money off of towing cars that might have had the permit knocked out of view. I was never towed, but there were plenty of nights I saw him drag 2 or more cars out of the lot. The maintainence people are fiendly and helpful, but it seems like their hands are tied on a lot of problems.
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The Arbors

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