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Beaver Brook Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2012
Unless you want to lose money then do not rent one of these apartments. I wish I had looked up reviews for this apartment building before I moved into it. And I was not evicted just so you know, that way Dorrie doesn't come on here trying to say thats why I'm mad. You WILL NOOOOT get your security deposit. I had heard this from multiple people, have seen in other reviews and now, sadly, know from personal experience. The apartment looked dirty when we moved in, the rugs were disgusting, the walls hadn't been repainted. Other people have written about how they wait forever to turn the heat on in the winter, which is true. But our apartment was somehow around 80 degrees for the majority of the winter, while other people next to us complained of being cold. I know it was 80 to 85 because I bought an indoor thermometer to find out since we could hardly sit in the apartment without sweating. We complained and they said the looked at the heater but nothing else was ever done. Even though we left the apartment when we moved out we still were not given our security deposit back. The only reason we aren't fighting is because we didn't take pictures to prove wrong everything she is saying. The majority of the neighbors were sketchy and there definitely was drug deals going on there. When we first moved in there was no lights in the parking lot and I would have my boyfriend meet me outside so I didn't have to walk in alone because I did not feel safe. The did finally fix the lights about 8 months after we moved in but the light above our door never worked so we couldn't actually see to put our key in the door. Dorrie is a horrible person, she obviously has no respect for anyone and no conscience.
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Beaver Brook Apartments

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