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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
Okay... we moved into a Red Oak apartment this year. It's nice enough, large with 3 bedrooms, living room has a large picture window that faces the street, and a garden right below. The advertisement in the paper said it was a large 3 bedroom with off street parking for $979 per month. So my husband, son and I visited the apartment and were greeted by a representative for Red Oak, who informed us that we had one parking space right outside the building, and the other was across the street... okay, not what the ad suggested, but not a big deal either. We were also told that the garden below the living room window was ours to do with it what we'd like. But, as it turns out, and after the signing of our lease, we discovered that we don't have a parking space near our building, but instead both parking spaces are across the street where we have to "fight" for parking with another Red Oak building. The garden under our living room window was not ours, but a "community" building. So other tenants can stand directly infront of my very large living room window and have a full view of my living room, kitchen, hallway, and some of the bathroom. They can also tear up the flowers and shrubs I've already planted, if they'd like. They can also put large decorations and such infront of my window!<br><br>To make matters worse, Red Oak called us this week and notified us, after living here for 3 months, that our mailing address is wrong. This is after we finally started receiving our mail at the lease address, switched over our utilities, ordered new bank checks, address labels, and registered our vehicles in the new town. Now we have to re-order our bank checks with the new, new address, re-order address labels, re-register our vehicles, switch over the utilities, etc at our expense! The cable company, Comcast, switched our account number to the new, new address but couldn't do that without disconnecting service at the first address, and then reconnecting service at the new address which gave us a new connect fee, new account, and a double bill... all at our expense! Now instead of the regular monthly cable bill of $91, we have to pay an additional bill of $160 to compensate for the cancelled and activated accounts - all because Red Oak gave us the wrong address on our lease!!! And at our expense!!! The bank checks I had just ordered in July... all 500 of them... are no longer good because the address doesn't match up... not even close! So now I have to re-order them. The (2) 250 sheets of address labels I ordered are no good either. The registeration on my truck and my husband's car is no good. I have to change that at a fee from the town hall no doubt! Not to mention the aggravation of calling everyone we know, our attorney, banks, employers, kindergarten, utility companies, friends and family, to alert them of the change... only 3 months after the last time we alerted everyone of the previous change! <br><br>When I called to complain, I was met with a "what do you expect us to do" attitude. So I'll tell you what I'm going to do... I'm going to pay for all the things I have to pay for because they phucked up the address, and then I'm going to take it out of my rent for November. So my next question... my lease is still in the voided address... does this address change mean the lease I have is null and void???<br><br>I will NOT be renewing my lease with Red Oak. And I will NEVER rent from them again. They misled us to sign a lease with them and they gave us a "its not our problem" response. Screw them. They get nothing but bad reviews from me, and I'm a well-known person in my community and in my job... word of mouth is a very powerful thing.<br> <br><br>
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