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London Court



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ronomac • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
I lived in London Court for 17 of an 18 month contract. I had to move because of a job relocation. Everything seemed all well and good when we moved in except for some things that you would not know unless you were living there. <br>1-parking is fine except during the winter, where they make you move your car to accommodate a horrible head of maintenance snow plow truck, (yes the white truck). He doesnt know how to plow and if you dont move your car immediately regardless of 1 inch or 10 inches of snow...THEY TOW IT TO RAYMOND!! Its 40 mins away!! It happened twice to me, once to my brother and I have heard from 5 other people. Im guessing the maintenance 'team' has a buddy up there. They dont call you, they knock on the door, and if your out with friends, work or riding with someone else, your screwed. They dont call you and Dawn <--Leasing Office, stated as well that they dont call. <br>2. Electric Heat is in the ceiling...Last time I checked, Heat rises. So if you get a third floor apt, forget it. Heat on 75 feels like 60. They did replaced all thermos and a few things right before we moved, but its not effective. <br>3. Maintenance Team as mentioned above is not really attentive at all. I had a third floor unit in which I have had slow to bad responses with Large Black Ants, (killed about 20 a day before I took care of the issue myself), the closet doors off the tracks and broken, and front door lock which was broken the day i moved in and has broken several times during the 17months. We were trapped in the apt for 2 hours until I forced the lock myself. A call to the emergency line did nothing. No call/no Show.<br>4. the police...yep, they show up all the time from domestic disturbance to vehicle break-ins, which happened to me. I fortunately got all my stuff back, but 3 other vehicles were broken into and the office does nothing to increase lit parking lots or scrutize tenants renting. <br>5. Solicitation. ALL THE TIME! From kids selling newspapers to candy bars. It is annoying and against the law in a locked apartment complex. <br>Please do your research on this place before paying extremely high rent and poor attentiness to their tenants
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London Court

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