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Bay Ridge At Nashua Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2017
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Office Staff
I've been living at Bay Ridge for almost seven years. In some ways it's a very good place to live, and I have a lot of positive associations with the complex. Unfortunately, last year they had to install new heating pipes in all of the buildings (to keep up with New Hampshire regulations) and the new pipes make continuous noise. Whenever they heat up or cool down (essentially whenever you or someone above or below you uses their heat in the winter) they make a loud knocking noise that echoes within the walls of the apartment. My advice would be that before moving in, make sure you visit the specific apartment that you intend to rent and turn the heat on, then wait a couple of minutes and turn it off. Then listen for the knocking sound to make sure you can tolerate it. Because for me it has basically ruined what was once a really peaceful environment. And if you are moving in during the summer, be aware that once it turns cold your heating closet will knock like an old water heater, day and night. I used to be able to sit quietly in my apartment and because the neighbors are all so respectful and quiet themselves, I could read a book or do some work, and it would be really peaceful. Now, while I'm sitting in my quiet apartment, every ten-twenty minutes, there will be a minute of knocking sounds. All day and all night - I wake up in the morning to my pipes knocking, and I go to sleep to it. It's very frustrating, and they've completely given up on fixing it. There are many positive things to say about Bay Ridge - it's a beautiful area, the staff are all friendly, and the newly renovated apartments are pretty good looking. So if you're not that sensitive to noise, or you find that the knocking doesn't bother you, I could recommend it. But keep in mind that if you're moving in during the summer, you've got a noisy surprise coming when the weather turns. Make sure you are comfortable with this noise, because they've explained that there's nothing that can be done to fix it. It's a permanent part of life at Bay Ridge now, and for me at least, it ruined the best part of living here. Unless for some reason I can't find a better option, I won't be renewing my lease, and I would never personally recommend that someone move here. I'm giving it two stars, which you can bump up to four if you think the knocking sounds won't bother you.
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Bay Ridge At Nashua Apartments

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