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Boulder Park Apartments

24 Kessler Farm Drive

Nashua, NH 03063



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dibber • Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
The location was terrific: right next to Exit 8 (Rte 3), tons of stuff on Amherst St, easy access to Manchester, gorgeous area (behind Kessler Farm Condos) to walk around, not too close to traffic.<br><br>Parking was abundant, with no limit to # of cars per household, but parking lot layout (and relaxed attitude towards parking) meant that sometimes the snow couldn't be plowed effectively. <br><br>Onsite storage space seemed great and convenient at the time, but since moving out I discovered that the Public Storage facilities across the street (behind the Crowne Plaza & Sun Microsystems) are a far better value for the money and are climate-controlled. Also, BP didn't plow the area up to and around the storage units, so good luck getting in there in the winter.<br><br>Area felt fairly safe except that walkways and trails were extremely close to the windows, which feels a bit intrusive for the first-floor residents. Screens were often broken or nonexistent, adding to insecure feeling around windows; bugs often crawled in (and died) around the windowsill, adding to an already evident bug problem, especially in winter time (ants, winged insects, roaches, etc.) If there was a security guard patrolling the area, I never noticed him/her during my year there.<br><br>A/C seemed fine in the living room/kitchen but, due to the floor plan in my 1-bedroom, the air didn't circulate too well into the bedroom. Heating was TERRIBLE in the winter time. Granted, I was in a center unit with the extra bay windows, but I was adjacent to the laundry room, which usually adds warmth on that wall... Didn't help much here. It was routinely 50 degrees while your thermostat was maxed out at 90 trying to keep up.... Did I mention you have to pay for your own electric AND gas bill?<br><br>1 bedroom space seemed very tight and price per square ft was a bit high for Nashua, which doesn't seem worth the stuff you put up with to live at B.P. They had 2 bedrooms, but Pheasant Run (down on Exit 1) had roughly the same prices with a few more square feet and a lot less hassles. <br><br>BP had issues with the fact that my fiancee wanted to live in the 1-bedroom with me prior to marriage, although we had been engaged for 2 years and had been living together previously. They kept saying that she couldn't legally live at BP unless she signed her own lease and paid rent, so we had to keep pretending she lived offsite. BP would not give us a break on this.<br><br>Workout facilities were somewhat small but modern and well-equipped, except that glass doors & windows around the area mean that residents, visitors and staff in the leasing office are "checking you out" whenever they want, which felt intrusive.<br><br>Speaking of the leasing office, they were a source of frustration. Maintenance complaints went unanswered or long-delayed. They refused to arrange direct debit for rent, which I requested due to being out of the country on business for long periods of time. The staff, though they were kind and seemed to try hard, were often bumbling and overworked. Almost every time I dealt with them in the office, something would get botched. Their forgetfulness and demeanor seem to only perpetuate the stereotypes about the elderly working class.<br><br>The grounds seemed OK, though mulch often spilled over onto the parking lots. The playground & gazebo at the top of the hill was a nice place to relax in the evenings, but at times (particularly during the summer) it was occupied by noisy teenagers who shouted obscenities down at residents below and engaged in various illicit activities (drug use, underage drinking/smoking, etc).<br><br>Residents were a mixed bunch... Usually pretty nice but not all that sociable. Parents often had their kids playing in the parking lot, which is dangerous, but better than them running up and down the halls, I suppose. <br><br>The mailroom always reeked of smoke because people would prop the outside door open while they had their cigarettes, but some form of this seems to happen anywhere you go.<br><br>Last I checked, the portion of Kessler Farm Drive leading up to Boulder Park was sorely in need of repaving (many potholes), so I hope they've patched it since then.<br><br>A coworker of mine lived at BP also during the same year in the same kind of unit (1st floor, center of bldg) and had nearly all the same complaints, with much worse dealings with management. She was so eager to get out of BP that she basically lived out of a climate-controlled Public Storage unit for a month or two until she could get out of her lease with BP.
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Boulder Park Apartments

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