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Canterbury Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2005
I lived at Canturbury from 1998-2001. At first it was ok, although I specifically chose an apartment that had a ceiling fan in the kitchen and when I moved in, it had been taken out by maintenance. For the first couple of years it was ok, although I thought the rent increases were too high. Then Debbie came as manager and honestly, the place went to pot. <br><br>It definitely became a place where the majority of the residents are on subsidized housing. There were several drug raids in the time I was there. I was once fined for putting garbage in the laundry room trash can, even though I had not....she assumed it was me because there was kitty litter in the bag, and I had a cat....even though other people in the building did too. I had several problems getting repairs done, complained loudly, and suddenly I felt I was the subject of a witch hunt. They were entering my apartment without notice on a regular basis, trying to find anything wrong.<br>I was fined and charged late fees one month because she said I didn't put my check in the box until after 5 on the day it was due - which was a complete lie - I had put it in the day before it was due. The next month my check mysteriously "disappeared" but I called them to make sure they had credited me on time, and took another one in before I was fined. My daughter went to get a pool pass for one of her friends, and was told she didn't live there, that we had been kicked out. They later said that the person in the office got me mixed up with someone with the same last name. When I was preparing to move, I asked for a letter stating I had paid my rent on time, and it noted that an eviction notice had been filed the month I was "supposedly" late, even though they had the check.<br><br>When I left, I had the carpet professionally cleaned (it was older than me) but they charged me several hundred dollars saying it had to be cleaned. In fact, I got nothing back - and it seemed pointless to fight them. I was just really really glas to be out of there!<br><br>Parking was bad at best, and the snow removal was simply horrible!!!! (Another thing I complained about - contributing, I'm sure to they way the office staff harrassed me)
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Canterbury Apartments

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