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Canterbury Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
I have just given my notice to the managment office. To which i was told they would be charging me $2,097.60 for breaking my lease early. On top of that when I questioned why I wasn't given the 24 hours notice of them entering my apartment (which is stated they must give in their own lease) they told me i was lying and that the letter was delivered 3 days before they entered the apartment. I can actually prove without any doubt that they left that notice on my kitchen table the day they actually entered the apartment. When Carmen in the office told me i was lying and i told her i wouldn't hesistate to contact my lawyer she told me that i could contact anyone I wanted to it didn't make one difference. The whole management team is rude and they all lie thru their teeth just to get even more money from you. They're hot water is so hot you could burn yourself just by washing your dishes, that's if you get any hot water at all. Oh and try taking a shower in a tub that doesn't drain properly and have maintenance tell you there is nothing wrong with it. Then there is the fact that you are taking your shower and open your eyes to brown water, which they say is the build up of rust in the pipes to which canterbury's plumber told me they should have fixed along time ago. And when he told them what they needed to fix to keep up to code they fired him. I would know he is my father! The place is a dump. And any pictures you see that make it look nice are false advertising.
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Canterbury Apartments

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