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Canterbury Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
DON'T,DON'T,DON'T MOVE INTO THIS GOD AWFUL PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!There are cockroaches and the neighbors have bed bugs that are jumping from one apartment to the other so be aware that there is a major infestation problem going on and the office knows about it and still refuses to do anything about it. There is also mold and mildew, the place is just down right nasty and unhealthy. You'll see terminix there every day and it still doesn't take care of the problem. People are disgusting, gross and dirty. This is the kind of people they rent to, the place has really gone downhill and will continue to get worse. They have a constant turn over with their front office staff and can't seem to keep any staff, gee I wonder why??? I have lived in alot of places, but this place is by far the worst. People are completely inconsiderate and now there is a vandalism problem, it's the slums of nashua big time!!! You will see police there all the time. I asked when I moved in about how many times the police are called and the office staff advised me to go to the police station and find out. If you're crazy enough to move in here, I would recommend that you talk to the nashua police on how many times a week they are there.
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Canterbury Apartments

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