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Canterbury Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
As my fiancé and I are moving, maintenance has been installing ceiling fans in every apartment. We came back the next day to find our door unlocked, all lights left on, trash left by maintenance and "Clean your ----!!" written on one of our moving boxes (there should be a picture attached). Management, of course, apologized about the trash but addressed the box, "because the door was unlocked it couldn't have been maintenance. We can't do anything. It must be someone else. You need to call the police." That is only one in the long list of issues about Canterbury Apartments. As one of the earlier reviewers wrote, yes there was a shooting and management addressed nothing about it. People drink around/in their cars and throw trash wherever they please, and while you're walking to your car the group collectively stops and stares you down like your some rival gang member on their turf. This isn't The Warriors. There was an issue specifically with our building where someone was covering the latch on the front door to keep it from locking shut. So essentially ANYONE could wander in. This has been an off and on problem for over six months. Again management sends out a notice and crosses their fingers that this issue will resolve itself. There is no consideration from other neighbors, aside from a literal few. These people stomp and blare music all night. We've had to called the police numerous times around 11:00 pm because management refuses to address this nuisance proactively. This of course resulted in people spitting on our door and threatening us. This is a GROWN MAN by the way, who looks like he's pushing 60, that wanders drunk around the apartment building in only his underwear, while sobbing the lyrics is John Legend's "All of Me. I'm not kidding. I can't make this up I won't even get into the issue with the brown water other than it happens almost daily. I attached a picture. Positives: Heat/hot water and gas is included in rent. AC is already installed. Rooms are decent size. Landscaping polishes this turd well. During winter everyone stays inside and stays relatively quiet. If you have any consideration for yourself, your family, your kids or your sanity please don't move to these apartments. I know people who used to live here when they were children and they had nothing but positive things to say but it appears those days are long gone.
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Canterbury Apartments

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