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Canterbury Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The first few months for my fiance and I were great. Staff seemed to really tend to our needs and welcome us in! We moved in during the summer, and by time winter hit... The weather wasn't the only thing cold. Canterbury does NOT care about you. And they will do anything they can to get money from you. They towed our car one morning, when we asked them why they said we were in the wrong parking lot!! WHAT? They gave us NO paper or map or ANYTHING saying what parking lots belonged to who! The parking spots aren't numbered... And where we were parked was right in front of our patio so how was that not our parking lot? Anyways... 150$ Gone and management didn't even care they failed to inform their new residents about parking arrangements in the winter time. No refund, even though the fault was their own. Be careful here... We see tow trucks roaming around the parking lot like vulchers in the winter just waiting to make a quick buck off some poor person. And that was just the start. A couple weeks later we walked out to our car and it had been severlh damaged! We had a mechanic look at it and he confirmed it was definitely a plow! (The tiny vehicles that can go up walkways which is done by CABTERBURY STAFF) So they damaged our car and NO ONE owned up to it. A car we worked our asses off to pay for. And it doesn't stop there. We transfered from one building to the other to upgrade our apartment and I was given 3,days to get my stuff collected. It was only day 2 when I had gone back to the old apartment to finish collecting my things and everything was GONE! My fiance spoke to staff and got our stuff back thank god... But how rude! And it gets even better.... Just a few short weeks after moving in I woke up early morning very itchy, I got up because I felt bumps on my skin and sure enough there was a bed bug in my bed! I disposed of it in the toilet immediately and called Canterbury Staff. They said it was my fault and I would owe them 900$!!!! To exterminate. How on EARTH was this my fault when I JUST left my previous apartment in the same facility bed bug free? (They inspect when you move out to Jake sure you didn't have any) When I left the old apartment they told me we were clean. Which obviously we were... We already knew that... But now this is OUR fault? In this brand new apartment with all of the same furniture we've had since the previous apartment??? And just recently we needed our tub drain replaced, maintenance fixed this while my fiance and I were both at work... But when I came home? The bathroom was in such a mess, I couldn't help but cry because of the disrespect we've gotten since day 1. My fiance and I HIGHLY suggest no one ever move here! It will be more stress then anything else in your life. We are actively saving money to get the F out of this horrible horrible place!
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Canterbury Apartments

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