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Canterbury Apartments



Resident · 2019 - 2020
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Office Staff
I would strongly caution against moving here. Unless you're a stoner. I had one bedroom I haven't been able to use due to the strong marijuana smell. I've sprayed lysol and other items to kill the smell where I sleep but I was left with a permanent headache. The kids in the building are adorable but also run and play freely in the hallways. Sometimes without clothing. Awkward. I am kids free so I'm sure it's more of an issue for those of us without children trying to work (COVID quarantine). The rent is expensive and from what I understand is raised annually by $50 per month. The dryer in the building takes 2 hours plus to dry. There was a broken lock allowing entry to anyone that I'm not sure has been fixed. My A/C unit was broken all summer and by the time maintenance looked at it, it was installed at an angle and kept filling with water. Mold and water damaged my property. I was told to read the fine print on my lease... not their problem. There is no assigned parking so good luck if you want to be out after 5pm. Between guests and residents, you won't get close to a building. I am breaking my lease to retain my sanity. That's where it gets really dicey. There's $5k penalty to leave early. They also have a threatening list such as "clean your stove", "give us your new address" and "have carpets shampooed" or you will not get your security deposit back. Seriously, the list is 50 items long. Also, they actually put in the move out letter that if my moving vans park in the wrong spot, they will incur large fines. I have talked to other residents and they are basically trapped due to the expense of leaving. Also, during COVID, the property manager office is unoccupied but they still managed to send out nasty letters about late rent not being tolerated. The location is convenient but only rent here if you will only use it like a hotel room - to sleep. Don't get me started on the bug situation. Maintenance just told me it's to be expected. Bring lots of raid and ant traps. Good luck.
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Canterbury Apartments

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