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1 Hampshire Dr # B

Nashua, NH 03063



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
I have lived at Forest Ridge for 2 years with my two children in a two bedroom apartment. I love the neighborhood, the school district, the maintnance and so on. When I discovered we were expecting baby #3, I immediately followed up on the waiting list we had been on for over a year fir a 3 bedroom townhouse. Somehow, I was still 6th on the list, where I had been when I signed on, yet there had been numerous move-outs and immediate occupancy on them (mostly maintance and their families...is this fair?). Somehow, though, we mananged to get a phone call asking if were interested in a 3 bdrm that would be avail one month after we were due to sign out lease. We jumped on it, of course, and what was to follow is in my opinion the worst experience I have ever had with anyone managing a business. They extended our lease for one month, and said we would recieve the rest of the paperwork for the new townhouse shortly. Instead, I recieved a notice that someone was to enter my apartment in less than 24 hours to do a "prliminary Walk-though". When the woman arrived, to my astonishment, she began to open my oven, refridgerator, closets, masterbedroom closet and so on. A few days later, I recvived a phone call informing me we "didn't pass the inspection", but would be given "a second chance". In one week, someone else would come back to check certain things such as the inside of the oven and the shower tiles. So, completely offended, I began to clean everything I could think of, spending 3 hours in the kitchen, 3 hours in the bathroom, asking a neighbor to help clean the oven, as pregnant woman are not supposed to use oven cleaner. It was a busy week, trying to get my oldest daughter ready to start fitst grade and to apease the property manager. When the inspection was conducted again, my apartment was as clean as the day I moved in, with the acception of a few things which are to be expected after living there for 2 years. The woman came in, and briefly walked into each room. I had to call attention to the oven and the shower tiles, she was not even going to look at them. The inspection lasted less than 5 minutes. The following week, I recieved a notice saying we had been denied the townhouse due to the recent inspections. I was outraged, and contacted the property manager. She informed me that the apartment was not in a clean condition whatsoever(this woman had never steped foot in my home). She tried to tell me my cat's ltter had been left to overflow all over the bathroom, and that there was writting all over the walls. First and foremost, the litter bax had been changed the night before the inspection, and there was a few spots of crayon on my kid's bedroom wall. She also tried to say that my carpet was "completly destroyed". Which is not the case. Instead of asking for another security deposite on the townhouse instead of transfereing the current on for the apartment, she has denied us the chance to move into the townhouse. Every apartment is re-painted and re-carpeted between each tenant, and my understanding was that the security deposit was used to pay for this IF you caused the need for it to be done, but not if it was just normal wear and tear. She also gave two days from the time we were notified that we couldn't move into the townhouse to notify her if we would re-sign our lease in our apartment. We now have to make some very big descsions, which include moving to a different school district when my daughter very nervously just started first grade. <br>In Conclusion, I could not recomend This prpoerty to anybody due to the way my family has been "jerked-around" and treated as if our HOME is not important.
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