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Pheasant Run Apartments

9 Silver Drive

Nashua, NH 03060



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dibber • Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
Summary:<br>My wife and I moved here (5 Silver Drive) in 2003 after being in Boulder Park for a year, and we've been pretty happy with the place so far.<br><br>Safety:<br>I feel very safe here. Each building has different locks, so you don't have people coming into your building with keys from the other units. These outer doors stay locked most of the time, and the patio doors and windows all can be locked from inside. I notice a guard patrolling the area every time I come home after dark, so it feels pretty secure. Children are out playing at dusk, and residents are often going for walks on the grounds in the evening, so it seems others feel safe here too. Since I've lived here, I've not heard any reports of theft or vandalism and have not seen the police here much if at all. <br><br>Community:<br>The people we've met here (mostly neighbors) all seem to be very friendly. There are folks here from all walks of life, and since many of the units (at least here on Silver Drive) have balconies, there are often people out enjoying time on their patios who will greet you when you they see you and let you know if they see anything strange. The property mgmt firm (Princeton Properties) does a nice job of having seasonal events (cookouts, ice cream parties, holiday socials, etc.) for those residents who want to socialize, and although I'm sure not everyone who lives here is "picture perfect", I've yet to see any suspicious activities or "creepy" people out on the grounds.<br><br>Noise:<br>Although some of the reviews seem to indicate otherwise (and I certainly can't speak for the Danforth Rd side), things here (on Silver Drive) are rather quiet, especially considering your proximity to one of NH's biggest retail areas (Pheasant Lane mall). City noise is virtually nonexistent, so the only noise you deal with is the occasional tenant's car alarm going off at odd hours when the squirrels or the people get too close. Your front door doesn't seem to block out much noise from the hallway, but I rarely hear what's going on in other units unless I'm standing within 5 feet of my door. The only disturbance comes from when some of the neighboring families decide to have their kids "play" in the hallway by running up and down the halls, which is supposedly a fire code violation but for the most part is just somewhat of an annoyance when you're trying to walk down the hallway without tripping on a toddler.<br><br>Management:<br>I've read some mixed reviews here on this subject, and I guess my views are fairly positive though not flawless. Occasionally, I've had dealings with management representatives (I think the property manager or asst. mgr.) who seemed not exactly rude but certainly not giving you that "warm and fuzzy" feeling. My wife and I have spoken with these upper mgmt folks about different things on occasion, such as things we'd like improved about our unit, and these requests seem to get ignored. (Although some of these improvements were eventually made across the entire property, so maybe someone was listening after all.) However, the rest of the staff (leasing agents and receiptionists) are all extremely sociable and considerate (even though most of them don't live on the property). The agent who sold us our unit says 'hi' to us by name each time she sees us around. And the staff feels much more competent and in control than what we experienced at Boulder Park prior to this.<br><br>Outdoor Appearance:<br>The grounds look very pleasant and (as another reviewer noted) the foliage and flowers in bloom enhance the view throughout the majority of the year. The only gripe about the outside would be that some of the parking spaces have trees overhead that produce a lot of falling debris, some of it being bird droppings, so your car can get covered in the stuff if you pick the wrong spot for a day or two. Also, if you come home late at night, you may have to park a little out of your way, but not so bad unless snow is piled up in some of the edge spots cutting down on parking.<br>Small wildlife (squirrels, chipmunks, birds etc.) are generally a complement to the surroundings, although sometimes there are skunks wandering around that stink up the outside.<br>Our first floor unit used to have unsightly muddy build-up after rain showers because of the water and dirt washing down from the units above us (due to the balconies being wooden slats with small spaces between) and also due in part to the lack of drainage on our gravel porch. However, last spring the property mgmt firm put cement porches into all the first-floor units and put barriers overheard to keep the runoff from dripping down onto our porch, so now things are terrific for grilling... The only problem is that the town fire ordinance does not allow gas grills on patios, so it must be an electric.<br><br>Maintenance:<br>Maintenance has been very good when it's needed. Snow plowing is generally very attentive and thorough, although I did get stuck trying to get up our icy driveway last winter as it is a very steep hill. However, I phoned the property management company and within 5 minutes there was a plow truck tending to the road, which made it suitable for my car to climb.<br>As noted in a previous review, the maintenance staff lives onsite and is available 24 hrs a day for emergencies, so they have always been quite attentive to our needs (although we are friends with a maintenance man who lives in an adjacent building, so perhaps we may be spoiled a bit).<br><br>Occasional issues:<br>We had some problems with ants in the winter (though again not as bad as Boulder Park), but the maintenance company provided ant traps a couple times during the season to help alleviate this. Also we took care to relocate the cat food from areas that seemed most attractive to insects.<br>Hot water heater for the building stops working sometimes (maybe 2-3x a year) but is usually fixed within a day.<br>We had paint peeling in an upper corner of our patio window inside the living room and had to complain a few different times to mgmt before they sent maintenance to attend to this.<br>Laundry is managed by an external agency (Lundermac), so if the debit card machines (required for laundry) eat your money, Princeton Properties can't help you; you must call a third party. (I didn't really follow through with this process because I was pessimistic, so I can't say how well Lundermac might have responded.)<br>Bathroom linoleum is peeling around edge of tub, and sliding closet doors don't stay on their track too well.<br><br>Other:<br>Laundry is usually ample for each building, although sometimes you get people who aren't so dilligent about taking their clothes out when they're done, which ties up the facilities. I usually find it cheaper and easier to take all my laundry (in bulk) to the laundromat around the corner to do all at once.<br>Price is a little on the high side for Nashua as a whole, but good value for the area and atmosphere as well as the price per square footage.<br>Area is terrific: lots of shops, supermarkets and restaraunts nearby, most within walking distance; easy access to Rte 3 (which has now been widened, making my commute to/from the Lowell commuter rail line much easier). My only complaint is that at holiday times and some busy shopping weekends, the mall traffic causes Spitbrook Rd & DW Hwy to pile up for about a 1/2 mile in each direction.<br>Heat seems to work pretty well (especially after the icebox that was Boulder Park), though I wish there was a separate A/C unit in the master bedroom so that the one living room unit didn't have to work overtime to hear the whole 2-bedroom unit.
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Pheasant Run Apartments

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