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Regent Park Apartments



Resident · 2002
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Office Staff
Regent Park... Well I moved in and it has been almost a week, Well half a week. I like my first four days so far. I have a crazy old <br>man that lives in my building. He is a nice guy, but look out if you park in the wrong spot even to bring your load in he will say <br>something along the lines of, you can´t park there or my fav. IT IS FORBIDDEN!! All you can do is laugh at him. What else can you do. The guy that lives above me must have A.D.D., He never stops moving. He looks really depressed as well. Don’t know if he has a job or any thing but man he does not <br>look well. <br> <br> The best part was moving day when I was arriving with the moving van. I looked over and this guy was sitting in his car so I jumped out to ask him politely if he could move so we could back in (After all I didn’t want him to get stock). Well the guys response was, I am waiting for my wife. Then I asked if he was willing to move ahead a bit and wait, His reply was no. I walked away shacking my head as to how disrespectful this guy was. I mean come on don’t people have common sense. So far people seem nice they will wave and say hello. At lease some respect is left in the world. <br> <br> The appliances need major upgrading!!! They are old and make lots of noise when running. I mean lots of noise. They work and that’s all that matters when I comes to replacing things in an apartment. Well the nuke is new, I will give them that much. Hot water seems good until I woke up this morning and ran out, That kind of sucked. They also turn the forced hot water system off During the summer so if it is chilly you stay chilly. Unless you have <br>alternatives for heat.(In this case I do). <br> <br> Well so far I recommend the place for the price. I mean, you can not find any place in Nashua with gas, heat and hot water <br>included in the rent for a good price. I will stake it out for another couple of months and post my review again with more knowledge. Hate to see how much I will right then. <br> <br>P.S. I also don´t know how many people actualy have jobs in this place. seems like the cars never leave.
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Regent Park Apartments

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