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Fox Park Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2017
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Office Staff
I lived at Fox Park for 3 years as a student attending PSU. I loved it. It definitely beat living on campus in those tiny dorm rooms. A laundry room is close by, in the main office (about 8 dryers and washers), always accessible. Parking is always avaible -- I never had an issue finding a spot. I lived in a one bedroom apartment the whole time I lived there. A couple appliances had minor issues but the maintenance staff always answer my phone calls about them and were quickly present to fix the issues -- I have absolutely no complaints about their services when it came to fixing things. The maintenance staff were very friendly and approachable, and fixed things in a timely manner. It does get a little rowdy on the weekends -- some college students do walk through the parking lots at night but honestly it's really not that bad. There were NO ISSUES of pests/bugs or anything of that manner while I lived in my apartment those 3 years. During the winter, there are notes post on the front doors to each building stating when your vehicles had to be moved so they could plow -- they gave you plenty of notice for that 24-48 hours. They were very up front with any changes going on in your building. For example, a couple of times they had to turn the water off in my building during the day because they were doing plumbing repairs -- again notes telling residents the time/date for this to be expected were always posted on the front doors of my apartment building. They gave us plenty of notice (24-48 hours). The wifi was slow at times but no different than living on campus. The location was perfect, just off campus about a mile. I walked to class every day, even in the winter -- it was no big deal, no complaints. The appliances were a little outdated, but they performed well -- no complaints. I'm sure they will modernize the appliances as needed. I mean, why spend more money on things when what you have works just fine? -- I totally understand that. Overall, I have no complaints about Fox Park. I loved living there while I attended PSU and it was a lot better than living on campus in my opinion. I would rent there again if I'm ever living in Plymouth again. The maintenance staff are very friendly and nice!
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Fox Park Apartments

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