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Osprey Landing



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Office Staff
Resident 1997 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2002
I feel as a renter htat I once was for quite a LONG time and have rented a Osprey Landing myself you should realize renting is not the most quiet, enjoyable experience sometimes but you need to think that if you do not want to live near children, or near or with people around you, you should MOVE or get over it, unless it is so outrageous loud, like all the time parties or screaming and odd hours of the night. Kids are going to be kids and people are going to breath, talk and do activites just like you the renter. <br>You are going to hear noise and nothing is going to be a perfect situation, unles you live in the WOODS!! Even if you own place like I do now I dislike my new neighbors. They don´t have good cleaning habits outside of the house & lawn and it looks like I live next to the city yard. But I can´t do anything about it, unless move. <br> <br>When I rented from Osprey Landing I had a great experience and the staff was great. If I need something fixed they came and fixed it, the plowed, & mowed. NOW I HAVE TO EVERYTHING MYSELF!!!! <br> <br>Appreciate that you have a roof over your head and the apartments are beautiful and the property is kept nice, and the staff is wonderful!! I just checked there rents and they are still under market value for the Portsmouth Area which is wonderful. You renters you complain get over it or MOVE OUT!!!!!!
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Osprey Landing

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