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Willowbrook Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2008
My husband and I have been living at willowbrook for a little over a year now..And we have not one GOOD thing to say about it!!!! Since we've lived there it's always one thing or another. There's always unsupervised kids running around at all times of the day and night they run inside the halls and play basketball and what ever else in the halls,they run out in front of the cars that are pulling in and stand right in the way so you have to tell them to move,sometimes they decide to knock on your door and then run. The parking lots are always a mess because people throw there garbage on the ground instead of in the garbage,and the roads are basically all pot holes in which I guess the maintenence guy doesn't see or just doesn't care,the sidewalks and parking lots in the winter are absolutely ridiculous..I fell twice last year due to lack of snow removal!!!! The maintenence guy does the sidewalks but he does it when he wants..not when it needs to be done!!!! The dumpster is almost always overflowing with garbage and everyone seems to just throw it on the ground, along with beds and whatever else..To get things fixed around there is like pulling teeth!!!! The new maintenence guy drinks beer all the time and whenever you ask for something he's like I'll take care of it yeah months done the road!!! And the cops are ALWAYS there..they may as well just have 1 or 2 cops there everyday to work..I'm SURE they will!!!!! The fire dept. is there a lot as well because of something with the fire alarms!!! And another thing the cops try to contact the maintenence guy and he's 3 sheets to the wind drunk and so now they don't even bother!!! The owner she's never there...she thinks she knows whats going on,but she lies..She send out a bulletin saying that she'll be there on such a date and never shows up!!!! Oh and when we moved in our apartment it was dirty,not freshly painted,our security buzzer doesn't work, we had a leak which ruin our ceiling and looks gross, but still no ones been there to fix it!!!! They don't care about anything except GETTING THERE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!
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Willowbrook Apartments

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