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Strathmore Gardens



Resident · 2001 - 2004
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Good <br>1. The grounds are kept nice except by the pool. Looks like a mini ------ by those buildings. <br>2. Neighbors are generally nice and quiet <br>3. The carpeting is kept in good conditioning <br>4. No Bugs <br>5. Heat and hotwater included <br> <br>Bad <br>1. The bathrooms are TINY and consist of 3 different tile colors that don´t match. (The wall, sink counter, and shower are COMPLETELY different. Like they replaced one and were too lazy to match the colors.) <br>2. Our bathroom doesn´t have an outlit <br>3. Our heat SUCKS (we used to live in a one bedroom and it wasn´t too bad. Our 2 bedroom is horrible. Regardless of how high the heat is, I don´t get ANY heat) <br>4. Cigarette butts ALL over outside because people throw them off their balcony. <br>5. The water shuts off like once a month so you have to brush your teeth and wash your face with a bottle of water before going to work. <br>6. Don´t think about having anything on your porch except chairs and a table. Have anything else and they will write you nasty notes. <br>7. The air conditioners are old. (I can see the outside bushes through ours. And it´s in the wall.) <br>8. The windows are old and shut on their own and attack my cats. <br>
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Strathmore Gardens

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