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Taylor Woods Apartments



Former Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
I loved this community when I first moved. It had everything you would want and need. But when the property was sold midway into my lease, this is were it went down hill. 1. Before the sell I could call the front office and get a person directly and have what I needed within that day. Now it goes to a automated machine and when you press the button when prompted it hangs up. I'd have to drive to the office to actually get a person. Then stand in the hallways for 10-15mins until someone actually came to help me. 2. Packages used to be delivered to your door and that stopped without warning and about 3 weeks later a email was sent to all stating packages would be left in the front office and they would not notify you when they arrived. I would go to look for my package and it was left in a room full of packages and no organization, leaving me on the hunt through 40 or more boxes. 3. When I first moved in your water bill was added to your rent every 3 months at a flat rate of 35 dollars for all tenants. On a Friday before this was supposed to happen an email goes out stating Monday this will stop and your water bill will be your responsibility (this is not the lease agreement I signed), which left me with a $200 bill (dated for 3months). 4. Fire alarms went off at least 3 times in the middle of the night (2am) or later bringing fire trucks and nothing was wrong, just a malfunction in their system. The last time it did it, it turned the sprinklers on and it flooded a few apartments. 5. The dumpster was broken more often than not, for weeks on end. This left it to over flow and a need to take my trash bags to my sister's house, to go out with her trash. They only posted letters to the main door stating the repair guy would be out in 2 weeks to fix the problem. Never had this issue under the old owner. 6. At this point I'm 100% sure I won't renew. So when I get my email asking to renew they said they would leave the rent at the current rate but without ANY utilities included, water & sewage was in my first lease. So adding that on top of the 1505 I was paying this was not the "awesome deal" they claimed it would be. With water, sewage, gas and electricity, it would total to about 1900 a month for a 2b & 2b. I might as well pay a mortgage and have have a bigger space to boot. 7. I don't renew and clean and move out and call them to make an appointment for a walkthrough. I was not contacted once during this time to make an appointment, I had to initiate the process since no one contacted me, they didn't even realize it was the end of my lease and asked if I turned in my form stating I would not renew, had to show them what they should have had on record...So the appointment was set for 3:30, after several attempts via emails and voicemails to make this happen. I show at 3:00, to do my own pre walk through before all is said and done making sure I didn't miss anything from when I moved the week prior. Waiting for the property manager and no one comes....So around 3:50pm I drive to the office and they are all hanging around not even attempting to look busy. I walk up to the group and ask who is supposed to do my walkthrough at 3:30. Property manager looks at her watch and says, "OH! I am. Head on over and I'll be right behind you." I left the office at 4pm, it's a 1min drive from the office to my apartment. I wait and wait and wait...she arrived at 4:45pm. And had the nerve to mosey on over like she was right on time. We go through the walkthrough and she says she had 2 other walkthroughs before me and that's why she was late...I'm in my head like, you do realize you just talked to me at the front office 45mins ago, you full of BS. You probably sat and finished your little pow wow with the other....she walks through the place in 3mins and says sign here and your all set, I got 12 more walk through a I have to get to today.(she's now rushing me like I'm taking up her time). At the of the day I felt I was paying more and receiving less and less. Hope this helps someone else out.
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Taylor Woods Apartments

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