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killingthesun • Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
the only luxury with this place is the size. it really is a nice amount of square footage for the money. but the comliments end there. supposedly, our building is sinking (i believe alot of the buildings were built on sand), so the baseboard all along the back wall in the living room is pulling away from the wall. the tiles in the bathroom are falling apart, look like they have been for years. managment appears to have just cauked OVER mold and mildew to try to make it look pretty. my matter how much i scrub and clean the shower/tub area, its like polishing a turd. <br><br>and hey, if you like fireworks, this is a great place to live. the null and void lowlifes like to shoot off fireworks all times of the year, in a GRASSY field, close enough to apartments. i cant wait for my building to burn down from these a**holes. and i so enjoy it sounding like i live in Camden with the fireworks sounding like gunfire. and yes i have called the cops, they dont give an crap. Washington TWP police really dont give 2 sh*ts about the tenants in this place. <br><br>The laundry room is disgusting. the floor is usually covered with dried poop, fabric softener sheets and lint from the driers. too often enough are the glass from the drier doors shattered. yay! and then the ignorant JO's that do laundry in there will leave their stuff in the washers and driers for hours on end, leaving everything occupied. COME BACK AND GET YOUR ----! <br><br>and safety? non existant. no way in hell will i take a walk in this place by myself, even during the day. i have to drive to one of the local developments and walk there. <br><br>our leas is up this year, and i cant wait to say good riddance to this place
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