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Avalon Bloomingdale



Prospective Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
Okay, so this is my experience of how I was scammed by these people. It all started with filling out the application...HUGE MISTAKE. It unleashes the pit bulls. Within 24 hours you will have received a lease and from them while they frantically pressure you to sign it and pay all their non-refundable fees. But the lease won't be correct because their prices change faster than the NYSE. I guess they are hoping that the frenetic pace will get you to miss the rent increase. But now it's too late, they already have your application fee and security deposit. That money is gone, it's already been stolen with or without a signature on the lease. Now the red flags have already been flying high with the constant pressure to get their hands on more money to steal. So you correctly decide that this place in run by crazy people that want to rob you blind and decide that it's wise not to commit to any situation like this. After politely declining, you ask for your security back, but like I said earlier they already stole that and have no intentions of returning it. They will even have the audacity to send you a bill for more money because they've already sunk in their claws and sucked you into their con. The bill will be for hundreds more on top of the money they've already stolen. I'm really glad I narrowly escaped these greedy slumlords and pity the current residents that have to deal with the crazies in the office. If you are reading this, just look elsewhere. There are better places. It's highly dangerous to sign any contract with con artists. Just talking to these people is dangerous due to their potential to rob you. Good Luck. Be Safe.
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Avalon Bloomingdale

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