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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
When I moved in, this seemed like a great place. I had a friend who lived in the complex who praised the office and maintenance staff, unfortunately, not anymore. The regular maintenance guy - Dave - got promoted and the quality of work and the attitude you received when making a complaint really got bad. Not to mention that our office staff has now gone to "By Appointment Only" per the note taped to the office door. I wonder if Kamson knows about that...<br><br>Three years ago I was told about all of the wonderful projects that were planned for that year, including new windows to replace the drafty, metal framed ones that had been there since the complex was built in the 70's, the repainting of the hallways and general improvements (light fixtures, leaf removal, etc.). Since then not only have those promises not come through, but things have gotten worse.<br><br>The buildings are built into a hillside, near a rail line and it is wood framed. I've been told that the resulting cracks in the walls and foundation are due to 'settling'. I think it's closer to the truth that the back half of the building is slowly sliding down hill as the cracks in the walls widen, the counter tops sink and rise in different spots and the cabinets shift to the point of no longer closing. The official response is "Sorry, not much we can do but spackle and paint over it, but it'll be back in 6 months or less."<br><br>Then we have the insect infestation, which is a regular summer occurrence, irregardless of spraying. I've been told by the office staff that each set of buildings even has it's own specific type of bug that comes back year after year. She seemed to find this amusing.<br><br>There are also maintenance hatches in the back of the building. Several don't close at all and the ones that do are held closed with a twist clasp. Not only is it not secure -- people can crawl around under the building and the downstairs apartments, the cold weather is a nightmare of frigid floors, especially in the tiled bathrooms which are often directly over the hatches.<br><br>Bad weather has it's own issues. During recent light snowfalls (Feb '07), the snow was left to melt on the sidewalk, often turning to ice underfoot. This can happen anywhere, but the problem faced in this case is the lack of response from the complex to apply any type of rock salt, ice melt or sand to prevent accidents, even in front of the office/laundry facility! That is, until the office staff had to come to work on Monday (it snowed on Friday) and decided that it wasn't going to melt on it's own. The staff was aware of this as there were numerous muddy footprints in the laundry room which led into and out of the locked office on Saturday night, yet nothing was done. These slick, icy conditions are also standard through out the winter at the garbage area, which is also commonly covered in crushed glass and strewn garbage, even in good weather. This is supposedly due to a resident bear, which is fine, but there is never any clean up after it has visited.<br><br>In the spring of '06, speed bumps were installed through out the parking lot. Unfortunately it was poorly done with what seems to be the least expensive plastic 'bumps'. They are bolted into the ground, however the bolts won't stay in and work themselves out, which has punctured more than one tire. During the summer which followed, the lot was repaved and the bumps were not removed (which is funny as the bolts were half out anyway). They were removed for the winter, presumably for snow removal, and it looks awful aside from not protecting the lot as it's intended to do.<br><br>The office provides little or no notice for work being done on the complex either. I have friends who were surprised in their apartments (one woman was fresh out of the shower and in a towel) when men arrived to paint and didn't even ring the doorbell before letting themselves in. To make matters worse, something similar happened when they had repainted the outside doors and had not replaced the apartment numbers several weeks after the painting was completed. This time her uninvited guests had the wrong apartment due to lack of numbers. Heat and hot water have been shut off with 12 hour notice if you're lucky enough to get notice at all. There have been at least 4 instances when the hot water wasn't working on a week day morning and attitude from maintenance was the only help I got for calling about it.<br><br>The same woman referenced above has to keep her thermostat pegged at 90F just to maintain a temperature of 62F in the winter. She's been told by the office that they can't do anything but she can put up some plastic over the windows to keep the draft out.<br><br>None of this includes rude tenants, issues with awful lighting in hallways and vestibules, windows that lack screens and or storm windows that "cannot be replaced", the use of the children's playground as a place for drug dealing, teenage drinking and sex at night, people urinating in the woods around the property and the parking issues that force people to park in fire lanes and risk being towed.<br><br>There is a lack of attention to detail and pride in workmanship that goes with any of the half accomplished quick fixes done when a complaint is called in, if he even shows up after the first or second call and he always leaves whatever mess he makes for the tenant to clean up. I know people who had gaps in the screen frames in their bedroom and asked for them to be fixed. They didn't like the mosquitoes that were sucking them dry at night. After the 3rd call, he came and 'fixed' them at the end of the summer. He applied a large amount of silicone caulk to the bottoms of the frames, ignoring the gaps in the sides, then closed the windows and left a mess on the window sill. When they tried to open them they were glued closed! They didn't even bother calling him back to fix the mess and cleaned it up themselves. What a hassle for them!<br><br>Over and above that, the office manager likes to do her own landscaping on the property. This is fine when she can pay attention to it, but most of the time, what she purchases dies in the package or from lack of care. A screen of bushes in pots that hide the electrical transformer on site needs to be replaced every year because they're not cared for properly. It's a regular waste of money, not to mention the unsightly dead and dying shrubbery.<br><br>I wish I didn't have to be so negative about it, as I heard for years how great this place was to live. Unfortunately, I moved in right at the end of the good period and it's been downhill ever since, which is ironic, because the rent keeps going up! Where is my money going I wonder...
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