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Laurel Run Garden Apartments



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
Haven't been here long, but i like the place quite a bit. Very big apartments with a nice inside layout. Hardwood floors (which i've never had before), huge bedroom and sizable balcony. Good and friendly neighbors for the most part, without a bunch of noisy kids running around. I don't hear much noise from the outside, which is what I am looking for most in an apartment. My last place was a nightmare, with screaming kids outside all day long that were louder than my television even when I had all windows and doors closed. Laurel Run is a breath of fresh air in that department. The rent is very reasonable, and among the lowest in the area... besides slummy places like Chestnut Village and that horrible complex behind Golden Pleasures. The manager, Rick, is a great guy who is extremely friendly and professional, and always gets things done when they need to be done. A lot of other reviewers complained about the pool being closed. I don't swim, so I don't care at all about that. In fact, I prefer no pool in order to keep noise levels down. My only real quibbles: The biggest drawback for me is the lack of heat control. I like cold, cold temperatures (i'm talking low-60s at the highest), and although i haven't experienced a winter in this place yet, I get the feeling I am going to have to do a lot of window opening to maintain a cool temperature. Second drawback: maybe it's just that my downstairs neighbors are very noisy, but I can hear them clomping around down there quite often. it can be pretty annoying at times. I live upstairs (obviously), and there is a requirement to put rugs down on a certain percentage of the hardwood floors. I am fine with that, but based on the noise i get from downstairs, I think that rule should apply for 1st floor dwellers as well. In addition, there are no outlets in the bathroom for use of hair dryers, clippers, etc. The towel rack in the bathroom is directly above the toilet paper holder, which is a little odd, too, and sometimes results in wet TP. There is a roughly 1 to 2 foot gap at the top of the separating wall on the balcony. More privacy in that area would be welcome.
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Laurel Run Garden Apartments

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