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Garfield Park Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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The previous person's review actually made me chuckle a little bit. I've been living in the Garfield Park Apartments since May 2008 and love it. If you take just about everything this person said and reverse it, it would be just about right. While Bound Brook itself has some slightly seedy areas, namely Main Street near the train station, it could in no way whatsoever be referred to as a "crime infested slum." And even Main Street isn't that bad. The neighborhood that these apartments are located in is particularly lovely; all the houses in the neighborhood are very nice and extremely well-maintained. The apartment complex itself is very pretty, especially in the springtime when the multitudes of dogwood trees are blossoming. I take particular offense to this poster's description of the neighbors. All, and I do mean ALL of my neighbors have been everything that you could hope for in neighbors. They keep to themselves and are conscious of those living around them, yet are extremely friendly and are always ready to greet you with a smile and hello. In fact, the day we moved in we were struggling across the courtyard with a very heavy TV, and a guy living in one of the upstairs apartments saw us, ran outside, and grabbed a corner of the TV to help. The complex is full of families, young couples, and elderly folks. All keep their porches neat and tidy, and many put out cute decorations for Halloween and Christmas. As for registered sex offenders, I know of none but let's keep in mind that they could be living anywhere, in any neighborhood. Roaches I have neither seen nor heard of, although I have to say there is a big ant problem. They're not the big gross ants but those tiny itty bitty black ones. It's not just my apartment, I've heard others talking about it. I also found an old ant trap under my dishwasher that wasn't mine, so I know previous tenants had the same problem. That being said, as soon as my next-door neighbor complained about it, the resident manager had pest control out two days later and a week after that the ants were gone. There is a middle school directly across the street, which is a little annoying when the buses are there but otherwise quite innocuous. And since there is a school there, there is frequently a patrol car parked in the street which is nice. I have no idea what health or safety issues this person is referring to, it would be nice if there had been some examples given. I also can't imagine the resident manager, Jeff, harassing anyone. He's just kind of like this slightly goofy, nice guy that you hardly ever see. I have heard others complain that he's lazy when it comes to making repairs such as replacing a storm door handle, although honestly if that's the biggest problem at Garfield Park, I think I'll be staying there for a long time. There s plenty of parking in the parking lot that runs around the side of the building and you can rent a small garage in the back for an extra fee per month. There s also usually plenty of parking on the street in front of the complex. The apartments themselves are in good shape, with nice hardwood floors. You re allowed to paint and hang pictures, as long as the color can be painted over with just one coat of paint when you move out. The lease says no pets whatsoever, although you re basically allowed to have anything except dogs. The resident manager himself has a cat and a hamster and a lizard or something. My bathroom was very nice, the tub looked like it had been newly glazed, everything was newer and in good condition (except the toilet seat/lid which I just replaced myself). All in all, I think this is a really great little place to live. It s a beautiful setting in a very convenient location to major highways and all kind of businesses an restaurants, the apartment is nice, the neighbors are wonderful, it's nice and quiet, it s safe (in nice weather I even keep my door wide open, even when I m home alone), management is good, etc. I love it. EDIT: Since I wrote this, I have had problems with Affiliated Management with regards to rent payment. The resident supervisor had told me to put rent in his mailbox when due and that they picked up on Thursdays which I always did on time. Apparently I was supposed to be mailing it in instead. They tried to hit me with a late fee and after multiple un-returned messages to Affiliated I finally got a hold of someone who reversed the charge, though I received only attitude and no apology. As for the previous person saying that a sex offender lives on site, I realized that's impossible; the property is sandwiched between two schools so there's no way that could happen legally. I only had to place a maintenance call once for air getting stuck in my pipes and making a horrible loud noise. I had to shut the water off behind to toilet to make it stop. The resident super gave me a time frame the next day that the plumber would be out. I took off of work to be home during that period, but he never showed up and I finally had to get back to work. I got a message from the super later that day saying the plumber had been by late and that he fixed it but I shouldn't "turn the water on and off" next time because that can cause air in the pipes. I was furious that he didn't bother to call me to say he'd be late, question if my super even escorted the plumber while he was in my home, and was insulted at the "turning on and off" comment as I'm not stupid and had only turned it off once to stop the deafening grinding noise at 10 at night. I've also had problems with the local police with regards to parking -- I used to park in a particular spot on the street and parked there every day for almost a year. The cop that waits outside the school every day would watch me walk out to my car every morning to go to work. One day I randomly got a ticket for parking there. I didn't argue it because there was a sign against it, but I was aghast that of all the literally hundreds of times the police saw me park there, they couldn't just say something instead of ticketing me. The middle school there is also more than a nuisance -- they make the kids wait outside in the morning for some reason, yet there is no supervision. They can be seen kicking stones into cars, cursing loudly and audibly, and even heckled me the day I got a ticket. No school staff there to control them. Two cars have been broken into at night recently -- one was parked on the street and just had a smashed window, the other was parked in the parking lot and had a gps stolen. Lastly, during snow storms there is not enough parking. You are not allowed to park on the street when it snows, yet there are not enough spots in the lot. This means you have to park over a block away, which is no fun when it's snowing. I still say it's a nice place to live, especially considering any rental will have its drawbacks, though I plan on moving out after my lease is up as all these things have left a very bad taste in my mouth.' EDIT: So mad right now I can't even write what happened, but essentially the Property Manager is too important and busy to have a cell phone he can be reached at (scoffed at me when I suggested it) and neither he nor his assistant feel the need to provide tenants with accurate and complete information on who is entering their apartment and why. Note that the resident supervisor is nice and helpful, it's the management company who only considers the unit and check # each month.
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Garfield Park Apartments

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