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Brick Estates



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
omg i cant believe the things people say (write), this should be considered slander.; I've lived here for 15 years. The difference since Carmelo & Irene took over in the last 7 years.Before Carmelo & Irene took over we did have drug dealers,prositutes and tenants hanging outside till all hours of the night. We had NO PEACE AND QUITE AND the police here everyday at least 10times daily if not more, now the police is never here and we have peace and quit. I know i was scared to come home late at night because of the type of people that use to live here. Now i am not affraid Carmelo & Irene made a big difference to this place it is now safe to live. As far as rude they have never been rude to me (what did you do, that they were rude to you) they are very nice and curdious with me at all times. Prositues no such thing here,drug dealers no longer exist since Carmelo & Irene been here and if they rent to someone that is not a good tenant that person would not last long at Brick Estates. Anyone who is new to this property cannot appreciate all that they have done and are still doing. Every year they are doing outside work to help make to property look better nothing happens over night. As far as repairs they take care of the problems within 1 to 2 days or sooner depends what is on their plate. Parking yes there are no lines but you dont need lines to park, i find parking without any problems. Its not assigned parking. I could go on but this is rediculous. Personaly i think they are doing a great job and they try hard to help people. The storm we had on 7/29/11 they were out their with all the lighting,wind and rain and no power for 2 hours. The snow storm we had 10 hours they were out there working i guess that accounts for nothing because they are lazy. Stop slandering the manager and workers here. They are great people with good hearts.
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Brick Estates

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