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Mt. Pleasant Villas



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tourtelj • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I wanted to move here after a friend of mine lived here for a few months. I used this site a lot in my apartment search so I'll be candid and to the point.<br><br>Pros:<br>- Big layout.. had room for all my furniture.. huge tv huge sectional sofa with plenty of room. I'm on a second floor so the large windows and vaulted ceilings give it a nice open airy feel.<br>- Never need lights during the day with the curtains open..huge windows= a lot of light.<br>- I feel super super safe.<br>- Laundry room never full even on a Saturday.<br>- Allowed to have my cats.<br>- Within driving distance of everything you can imagine.. I mean EVERYTHING<br>- Leniant with move in day. The 15th was a Monday I was moving in things as early as the Friday before.<br>- Tons of parking<br><br>Cons:<br>-My neighbors downstairs have a kid.. I can hear him playing sometimes but only with loud items such as a basketball. I never hear my neighbors on the sides of me.<br>- Appliances are old so they don't work as well as newer ones but they do get the job done.<br>- My friend had a silverfish problem that was fixed very quickly. I have yet to have any bugs but it is the winter time.<br>- Low water pressure.. I haven't truly enjoyed a shower since I moved here.<br><br><br>I'm happy, my boyfriends happy and all the pros definately outweigh the cons in my book. Once you come see the place you'll know it could be home imm.
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Mt. Pleasant Villas

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