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Camelot At Woodfield



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CamelotRenter • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
I have been a resident of Camelot at Woodfield for the past 15 months and I can give you the real scoop. Here is the deal. Camelot asks you to sign a lease for a designated term and asks you to pay your rent by the 1st. However, according to Camelot stipulation their month, unlike the rest of the world, ends on the 26th. So when you are moving out, like I'm doing now, they ask you to pay the full rent amount on the last month although you will only be living there for 26 days out of the month. So basically you are paying for days that they are A: using to clean the apartment or B: already have someone in the apartment and are getting double rent. In addition, the customer service is terrible. They have an office on the premises but it is only open on Sat. If you get locked out you have a better chance scaling the side of the building to get inside than counting on someone to come let you in. There are membership fees for everything. There is a spanish guy who is very rude and seems to interrogate many of the residents and put warning stickers on everyones car that are very hard to remove. Apartments are very new, but poorly constructed. You can hear your neighbors as if they are in the room with you. If you need anything fixed you can always count on the spanish guy that i mentioned above to come look at it for 20 minutes, then leave and say he will be back in a little bit to fix the problem. Oh yeah, he's is not coming back. Also, there is a drunken slob who is the property manager. He constantly creates his own parking spaces conviently blocking your vehicle in with his diesel pick-up truck. But he is a really bright individual, dont worry. Aside from all of this, Camelot at Woodfield is a wonderful place. Apartments are a little small but they are nicer than most for the price.
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Camelot At Woodfield

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