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Joshua911 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/17/2007
I've been here for three months, and I moved from a quaint hellhole in Philly.There are some issues which cannot be laid at the door of Victor/Dranoff management. There are <br>quite a few more positives than negatives<br><br>Positives are a friendly concierge staff. Mr. Bagby in particular is cheerful in the face of a lot of guff from entitled brats.<br><br>Constant cleaning by maintenance staff.<br><br>Cost of apartment per square foot is below rate for high-end Philly properties, and competitive with Cherry Hill, NJ communities.<br><br>We have 21 foot ceilings, huge windows, and people who come to visit are always impressed. By the way, those visitors are put into the Guest Suites that Victor provides for not much money are wonderful.<br><br>Free Wi-Fi in the public areas leaks into our place, so no charge. Sweet.<br><br>The gym is good for the $25/month charge.<br><br>New convenience store in the building is a real boon. A new Italian restaurant (very modest) opened up, and the food is good so far, and a pub is due to open in a month.<br><br>I love baseball, and there is a minor league team 300 feet from our front door. Double sweet.<br><br>River Line is right at the door, and the PATCO line to Philly is rapid and efficient. A walk at night is not as bad as I thought, as there are armed guards from the Federal courthouse out and about all night.<br><br>Negatives, everyone tells me that the students are 'grad' students, but I don't believe it. Sometimes, the frat house atmosphere gets to me. Having two blue-eyed blond boys calling each other "dawg" at the top of their lungs clutching the neck of a beer leads me to that conclusion. The snotty attitude of these brats towards the Victor staff is unacceptable.<br><br>We have some noisy young folks clustered around us, and the police have been called (not by us). <br><br>Viking Cable is the only choice here, and they suck big-time. Terrible signal, non-responsive staff. Makes me pine for the Comcast days of Philly, but not the Victor's fault.<br><br>Some of the fixtures and work show evidence of cutting corners, but I've seen much worse in NYC and Philly apartments that were brand new.<br><br>All in all, a very good experience, with not much intruding on our lives except noise at times from the "dawgs." Worth the price, and Camden can only go up.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
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