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Millbridge Gardens Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 05/30/2014
I moved in here last month after a terrible experience with a prior landlord (who ironically has one of the best rated apartments on here). Anyway, I moved into a 1br lower unit with washer/dryer, central AC/heat, DW, and patio for about 800 a month. The office staff have been very friendly and the manager really went out of her way to assist me in my move. I told them about the stench that came from my bedroom carpet (the old tenant must have had a pet) and they replaced the WHOLE carpeting in the house. My fridge was brand new and my other appliances work great. They even allowed me to put and extra lock on the door so I could feel safe and allowed me to decorate my patio. My other place wanted nothing on the patio save the satellite which had to be put in a bucket of sand for stability. As far as the other comments on this site here is my response: 1. The heat/hw is included in the rent, however it is charged according to use. So the rent will fluctuate according to how much heat/hw you use per month. But so does the utility bill when you rent ANYWHERE that does not have free heat/hw. My previous apartments had free heat/hw but the landlords set the thermostat to a certain temp according to how cold THEY were in the winter (By law they have to keep it at a minimum of 68 degrees, so if you get cold expect to by a space heater in those units) 2. Central AC and stovetop, which is electric, is part of a separate bill so expect that to fluctuate according to use. My previous apartments have had wall units meaning I had to buy a extra AC window unit or use a fan to circulate the air into my BR, resulting in my electric bill going into the 100's during the summer. 3. You have you own parking space, which is numbered so there is never a worry about where you'll park. There are also plenty of spaces for visitor parking. 4. As far as crime, yes I have seen the EMT, cops and fire trucks out here quite if few times but one most also consider that this place has over 800 units! If this was a regular neighborhood no one would care about the amount of emergency personnel that comes out but since this area is all lumped together under Millbridge everybody wants to complain about the "crime." I personally appreciate that there are effective first responders considering the amount of units that are here. Also considering that I have lived and visited some of the "nicest" places on this site and have had more personal crime done to me (car vandalized, robbery, B&E) at those places that I have had here. I even left my keys in the door one night and no one bothered them OR me. It was the maintenance man that told me they were in the door when he came to do repairs. HE didn't even touch them! So far I am okay with living here and feel quite at home. For those who are looking for a "perfect" place to live, I suggest you buy some land in the middle of nowhere and build to your tastes. (Good luck with that). Otherwise, if you are looking for a place that offers safety, professional management, and decent amenities for a good price then this a a great place to consider!
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Millbridge Gardens Apartments

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