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Millbridge Gardens Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 07/24/2014
Spent 2 years, only left because I bought a home. Neighbors: Like anywhere, you have a variety of people from different backgrounds, income levels, educations, races, ages, etc. I lived in an upstairs unit, the people to the sides could almost never be heard. During months 6-9, the first downstairs neighbor made my life a living hades, unfortunately I had to take the issue to the office, but, to their credit, they dealt with it. The second downstairs neighbor was a pleasant one. I am sure that living beneath us was no picnic, I had a small child, and worked an odd shift, and the noise definitely is an issue in downstairs units, I know from visiting neighbors's apartments who live on the ground floor. Neighborhood: There are drug dealers operating under disguise in a few apartments, and there were a few specific isolated incidents (dealer got mugged just off property, a drug related murder) that make the entire place look terrible. The reality is the landlord can't act on conjecture and speculation, and if the police can't convict, the landlord can't evict. No place is 100% safe, but myself and neighborhood friends would play outside with our children, and felt comfortable. The fact that the police and paramedics are often present is actually a reflection on how seriously the township takes public safety, not how "crime ridden" the neighborhood is. Personally, I like that the police always came quickly when called, by myself or my neighbors whether the matter was big (found a pre-verbal toddler wandering outside alone) or small (vehicle matching description released by law enforcement). Management: Never had a bad experience with the property managers, the maintenance crew was friendly. Building Condition: The buildings are old, the cement floor boards are breaking up, and you can definitely hear the movements of the upper tenants from the lower units. The windows in my unit had been upgraded/replaced. The appliances were in good shape, and new-ish. The biggest downside was the way the prep-crew did the apartment prep, and after speaking with management they had changed how that process was done (and who it was done by) not long after I moved in. My vents, outlets, etc. were painted over, some to the point of being unusable, what I pointed out during my move in inspection they fixed, and they replaced them on a rolling basis when I found more issues later on during my tenancy. The carpeting had been done sloppily, and there were several blocks of staples from a staple gun loose under the carpet that came poking up through, putting holes in my (and my 4 year old's) feet, they were a little slow to respond on that one, but eventually it was resolved. Positives: No shared entrances, each unit has it's own exterior door. Reserved parking. Responsive management. Good neighborhood policing. Central Air and Heat. W/D available. Good size units for the price. Grounds are excellently kept, see Marksmen on the property constantly. Negatives: Individual neighbors (can happen anywhere), people too dumb or lazy to park in the correct spaces, people who don't pick up after their dogs (yes management sends letters, but again their enforcement actions are limited by RE laws). All in all, having lived in probably 12 apartment communities in my life, for a "non-luxury" apartment community, SDK Millbridge Gardens was a cut above. I was also considering the Heathers (now Villages at Laurel Creek) around the corner and felt MUCH safer in Millbridge, especially at night, and as the single parent of a small child.
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Millbridge Gardens Apartments

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