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Millbridge Gardens Apartments



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poiema1008 • Resident 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 12/04/2015
What I can say about this apartment complex is that it is & was much better than the other apartments my boyfriend and I had been researching and visiting. The new appliances are great and the neighborhood seems to be overall SAFE. The first complaint I do have, is with management concerning an issue of high school kids in the storage closet smoking marijuana. We caught them the first time, called management and they said they could not do anything about it. That we could not put a lock on the storage closet (which defeats the purpose of having one because if you put your personal belongings in there, it's a possibility they get stolen) because it was against policy. There was a second time that these kids were in there & caught. We are thinking about taking precautions for the safety of our apartment. Now, the most recent issue we have with this establishment is being told, IN WRITING, that the rent would be a certain amount of $946 including sewer which was fine. Then we receive the rent information the month it is due with an extra charge of 'space heater' of $20 that we did not know of. Go to the office to pay the rent (of course), the question about the extra charge is asked and all the woman could respond with is "oh, yea you have to pay the heat." WHAT IN THE WORLD? HOW UNPROFESSIONAL AND MISLEADING is that! We were satisfied with the service until now. We just believe that ALL the information, about how much someone will be putting out financially each month, be EXPLAINED, (thoroughly) in the beginning before someone basically signs their life away. It's better to tell the whole truth because a half truth is just a LIE anyway. Thank you Millbridge Gardens Apartments for allowing us to experience an apartment with upgraded appliances, spacious living room, washer and dryer combination, upgraded bathroom and nice size one bedroom. We would also like to thank you for your lack of information when it came to explaining the full price for the rent that would have to be paid each month. I promise to work harder every month just to pay that extra $20+ for the Heat/HW that you did not inform us of. Be Blessed!
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Millbridge Gardens Apartments

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