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Millbridge Gardens Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/24/2016
I first moved into millbridge gardens around 2007. If I were to write this review then, I would not have one bad thing to say about the complex. The staff was great, neighbors were great, and my overall satisfaction was 5 stars. I recently moved back into Millbridge Gardens (2012) solely because of my past experiences with them. Unfortunately, there isnt much that stayed the same. Let's start with me- I am single, I live by myself and have TRAINED pets. I do not have people over due to my work and school schedule and I have always paid my rent on time. I'm basically the definition of a perfect tenant. The main office- ZERO STARS! Worst customer service I have ever experienced. The receptionist that works in the front changes every couple of months, it seems like they can't find someone to put up with the nonsense that goes on there. They are completely unorganized, rude, and lazy! Yes, I understand jobs can be stressful but there is no reason to throw a tenant on hold in the middle of their sentence. The one older lady, I believe she is an office manager, has been there for at least 10 years and still can't figure out how to make a correct "work order" when a tenant needs something fixed. If you can't properly schedule a maintenance appointment, then tell me and transfer me to someone who does! Instead, she pretends she does, but never actually makes an appointment. Then you get stuck waiting all day for someone to never show. Not only is she obviously not qualified for the job, but she is rude and has absolutely no problem, WHATSOEVER, hanging up on you. Calling the main office with any problem seems like a dead end road. Since I have moved in (4 years ago!) I have had problems with my hot water. I honestly cannot count how many times I had to shower at someone else's house. You would think after four years they could fix the problem so I could have hot water, right? Nope. The main office genuinely does not care about ANY problems you have. It sickens me the type of people that are in charge of this place. Parking/street- Each person gets an assigned spot which is nice. But, no matter where you park, be prepared to have dents and/or scratches on your cars. Also, everyone speeds throughout the complex so be prepared to see dead ducks. They need to put in speed bumps. In the winter they don't put salt down before bad storms. Instead they put salt down after the storms, which doesn't help at all. They don't shovel or plow until a day or two after the storm. I end up shoveling my own walk ways. Rent- They don't tell you about added charges on your rent. Sewer fees, hot water and heat. Each year the rent goes up at least $40. I am now paying almost $1300 to live in a $900 apartment. One year they overcharged everyone $40 on their "hot water/heat" section of the rent. They only reimbursed us half!!! Neighbors- Thankfully My immediate neighbors are older and quiet. But the quality of people they let move in has significantly dropped. I have at least 8-12 teenagers in my backyard until 1am in the morning. I have called the cops several times! The same children go to the pool to hang out and do nothing but curse. Out of respect for the toddlers that were there I asked them if they could watch what they say because there are children around. They did not listen. I understand kids will be kids, but they are disrespectful and it shows. The apartment complex is FILLED with them. They just walk around until they find a spot they want to "chill at and talk". They will lean against your cars, sit on your front/back porch. They do not care. I've seen quiet a few drug deals, and have also witnessed a guy punching his gf in the face. Of course I called the police and he was arrested. These are just incidents that's I can remember off the top of my head. Appearance- The landscapers they have working for them do a pretty good job. Never judge a book by its cover though!! Only bad things I have to say is the trash cans near the mailboxes fill up in a single day, will overflow and then you're stuck with junk mail all on your front lawn. No one cleans it up. And the people who walk their dogs do not clean up after them. So while you're walking to your mailbox be prepared to step in dog feces on the way. Maintenance Men- AMAZING. I seriously do not have one bad thing to say about them. No matter what day it is, they are always pleasant and understanding. I feel bad that there are only a handful, and by handful I literally mean 5, men working the entire complex. There is no way they can get to every work order AND any emergencies they have in a single day. They are overworked and I'm sure underpaid. What ends up happening is the main office over books work orders, and the maintenance men can't get to them all because there is only 5 men and over 1000 apartments. So you're stuck home for the day they were supposed to come, and then the day they can actually come. I would not recommend ANYONE to move here. This is my last year here and my only reason for leaving is how rude, unorganized and lazy the main office workers are. They need to hire complete new office staff and more maintenance men.
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Millbridge Gardens Apartments

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